lose belly fat quickly

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

We’re all looking for a quick fix to lose belly fat, but the reality is that it does take some hard work and planning to really get a six pack to show and even though it may be frustrating for some it’s time to have a reality check and put in the right strategy.

We’ll look at putting together a comprehensive approach so that you can achieve losing belly fat as quickly as possible and that at your next beach opportunity you’ll be looking your best!

Be proud of the smart your approach you are already taking by having a quick read through this article…

Lose Belly Fat Quickly Step 1: Diet

I’m not going to feed you the same crap that most health sites out there boast in that exercise is where it’s at, because you could do a million crunches a day but if your diet consists of junk food you will never see the those abs show.

You will need to put together a nutrition plan that allows you to have the right amount of carbs, fats and protein for your body. Personally I’ve found the most success with having a high protein, moderate/low carb and low fat diet, but everyone is different and you will have to do some experimentation to see what gives you the best results. But let me help you out a little more…

First things first, you need to have the right grocery shopping list to get you going in the right direction for losing belly fat. Make sure you review these lists:

Don’t delay and take a proactive approach by printing these lists right now. This is the first and most important step you should take if you are serious about losing belly fat quickly. Now put these ingredients to use by going over my suggested healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas by taking a look at these articles:



Lose Belly Fat Quickly Step 2: Total Body Training

One of the most effective ways of training in order to lose belly fat is using a total body training strategy. This kind of whole body movement has been shown to be more powerful at blasting fat than doing hundreds of crunches.

Don’t spend more than one or two sessions a week working your abs. Instead do exercises which involve a number of muscles at the same time. An example of this workout would be – 4 sets of 10 repetitions of the following exercises:

Bench Press (view image)
Medicine Ball Squat & Press (view image)
Dips (view image)
Deadlifts (view image)
Pullups (view image)
Pushup Rows (view image)
Lunge & Twist (view image)
Seated Military Press (view image)

You can do this workout 3-4 times a week and add one or two ab/cardio sessions (like this one: Abdominal Workout)

Also some of my Facebook friends have been asking about other more specific workouts which you may want to review – Eliminate Love Handles & Tone Lower Abs Workout.

Lose Belly Fat Quickly Step 3: Ab Supplements

Some of the best supplements to help tighten a midsection and keep your metabolism high include:

Appetite Suppressant and Metabolism Booster (Try: Cellucor Super HD)
Natural Whey Low Calorie Protein (Try: Optimum 100% Natural Whey)
Fat Burner Extreme Energy (Try: Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix)
Fat Oxidation Stimulator (Try: Nutrex Lipo 6 Black)
Full Fat Loss Stack Specific to Women or Men: (Try: Men’s Fat Loss Stack or Women’s Fat Loss Stack)

You can try one or multiple at the same time to see the effect it has on your belly fat…Oxyelite pro is definitely one of the most powerful in this group though.

Lose Belly Fat Quickly: Conclusion

Are you prepared to go for this kind of dedication for at least 4-6 weeks to start seeing results? The point is to have a positive attitude and stick with it all the while challenging yourself greater and greater week by week.

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