Weight Loss Tips – Stop Gaining Weight at Work

I see it time and time again, so many of us get stuck in a crazy world of trying to manage work stress plus all the other stresses of normal life like managing relationships, family, bills and of course our health.

When we are put into this type of environment our will-power gets seriously compromised because we make excuses for eating the cookies, chocolates, and whatever unhealthy foods that face you at work since it seems like a way out of all things causing us stress!

So how do we overcome? Let’s take a look at some very powerful tips that will ensure that you stop gaining weight at work and instead form a plan of success to keep your energy and will-power at the highest level possible.

Once this is achieved you can finally be pleased with the results you see in the mirror.  And don’t worry it doesn’t mean doing sit-ups at work!!

Weight Loss Tips #1 – Coffee Calories

Are you already aware of the extremely high calorie count of almost all non-black coffees you get from starbucks and other similar coffee shops? Some lattes can contain over 400 calories especially when flavored or if they use cream.

Be smart about your coffee, if you can’t avoid it all together have it with skim milk and a zero calorie natural sweetner like stevia. If you want more info about this read my article Stevia Sweetner – Good or Bad?.

Think about how much impact this will have on your weekly caloric intake if you have 5 or more coffees a week this could be in the 1000+ calorie savings range!

Weight Loss Tips #2 – Protein Rich Lunch

One of the biggest mistakes I see often is that most people have lunches that consist of too many carbs or fats and not enough protein. Those who think they are being healthy with a salad usually go sideways with the amount of sauce, dressings, or whatever other processed food that usually is cheap and lacks the best nutrients.

What ends up happening is that a few hours later their hunger kicks in hard-core and they crumble to the junk foods that have been tantalizing them all day.

Now protein not only helps with muscle recovery and growth, but also slows the digestion of carbohydrates and this means less chance of those carbs being stored as fat.

Another easy way to supplement your lunch is to have a protein shake (my favorites are  Gardenia All Natural Vegan Protein and Optimum 100% Natural Whey).  Skip the cheap protein powders which are full of artificial sweeteners and fillers and pick these two, your body will thank you.

Weight Loss Tips #3 – The Right Amount of Sleep

Gosh with this tip I feel like we are still like kids. We have to get the right amount of sleep so our mental game is working at its best efficiency and strength during the day.

With less than 7 hours of sleep night after night you’ll find that your will-power is diminished significantly and you become desperate for a pick-me-up which usually comes in the form of sugary or fatty belly-busting foods. This is a path of total self destruction when it comes to your physique and it can take you down a pretty deep rabbit hole.

I know with all the stress we have it can be especially hard to fall asleep and that is why a simple supplement like  Irwin Naturals: Power To Sleep PM  and  Z-MATRIX Sleep & Immunity Support are awesome in allowing us to shut off at the end of the day and have a rich deep sleep.

7-8 hours of sleep is ideal in making sure our brain and muscles recover. This ensures our metabolism works at its highest efficiency during the day and that we have the right amount of energy to push through our workouts.

Weight Loss Tips #4 – Move!

It’s incredibly easy to sit down at your desk or in a meeting for the whole day minus your lunch and coffee breaks. And with that usually goes hand-in-hand with exhaustion and lack of focus. Eventually we’re procrastinating on Instagram or Pinterest!

Well if you relate with any of that, then here’s a more simple weight loss tip than you may ever think.  With every 55 minutes of work, take 5 minutes to go for a walk outside and give your eyes a break!

Sure that doesn’t sound like it will have a huge impact with any kind of weight loss, but even if you burn only an extra 20 calories to go for that walk, that means 140 calories a day or over 4000 calories a month, or close to 50,000 calories a year!

Weight Loss Tips #5 – Just Breathe!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get easier, could you ever imagine that breathing could be such a powerful weight loss tip?  Here’s why…

When we’re stressed out our body produces the hormone cortisol to the max and this hormone has been linked with weight gain (Resource:  Pubmed).  That means when we’re freaking out about a deadline or an annoying colleague your body immediately goes into weight gain mode.

So here it is, when you are feeling stressed out, go somewhere no one can disturb you and take 5 long and deep breathes.

This is probably not a new concept to you, but the action of taking deep breathes automatically disconnects your brain from the stress factor.  In other words, your main focus on breathing your body immediately reduces your cortisol levels and allows for balance to take place again.

It’s an incredibly powerful technique that should not be dismissed as it is used by the most elite athletes in the world.  Just breathe!

Weight Loss Tips – Stop Gaining Weight at Work: Conclusion

These 5 tips are extremely easy to follow and will have maximal impact on your weight loss and training goals so make sure you follow them to the tee. What you’ll find is that at the end of the day you feel much better about your health and this positive energy will catapult your results and your satisfaction with your life. I don’t know what more there is to say than that?

Do you have any questions about other things that screw up your healthy eating plan at work or other suggestions you think could help others? Please leave a comment below…