Tone Lower Abs Workout

Tone Lower Abs Workout

Lately I have covered the abs area in many articles simply because it is the most frequent question I get asked, “how do I get rid of the fat in the lower belly area?”. Hopefully you have read some of my previous articles and are now aware that to tone your lower abs your main focus should be your diet. And by diet I don’t mean dieting, but to enrich your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, lean meats and whole grain products.

Did you get that? Good! Now practice this one rule of thumb and I promise you’ll see a big difference. But that aside, some of you just want to get that tight feeling in your lower abs so you know you’ve made an effort that week. I don’t know about you, but I love it when you have finished your workout and can feel all the muscles in your stomach activate with every movement.

With that said, don’t overdo your abs, they need to rest like any other body part and especially because they are (or should be!) activated when you are doing other exercises. Therefore, try and stick to doing these exercises once or twice a week. The usual 3 sets by 10-14 repetitions is a good number to hit for optimal results.

Let’s look at the Tone Lower Abs Workout:

Bicycle Kick on a Bosu Ball – ( refer to photo here ).
One of my favorite exercises to start with is the bicycle kick on a bosu ball. This is a very challenging one and why I like to begin with it, but if you’re finding this too difficult you can also just do it on the floor.

Hanging Knee Raises – ( refer to photo here ).
This one may seem easy at first but the key focus here is to prevent your body from rocking back and forth while bringing your knees to your chest. Tighten your abs and keep the movement fluid up and down while preventing your body from swinging. As you get advanced you can bring your knees up and to each side of your body, or you can raise your legs straight up.

Ab Roll Exercise – ( refer to photo here ).
You need an ab roller for this but you could also use a stability ball. The idea here again is to keep a fluid movement and your abs doing all the work, not your arms or shoulders. To make this even more intensive, ok a lot more intensive try rolling to your sides! You can also have your knees on the ball side of a bosu ball for extra core effort.

Superset of Toe Touch and Hip Raise – ( refer to photo here and here).
So by superset you should do one exercise after another with no rest, then 30 second rest and repeat. Remember to keep strain of your neck by pretending that there is a tennis ball between your neck and chest.

Bosu Runners – ( refer to photo here ).
This is a great way to end your lower ab workout, try and keep your hands stead on the bosu ball while you run in place. Focus on tucking your knees in and crunching your abs. Aim for 30 seconds in each set.

Download and Print Tone Lower Abs Workout:You can now download and print out these highly effective tips here – Tone Lower Abs Workout (right click and save as)

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This lower abs workout is meant to tone and give you some great definition, but remember you must couple this with a very healthy diet. You can add this lower ab workout to any of your training days as it will probably only take you about 15-20mins. Keep your rest between sets to 30 seconds or less and you’ll feel a great burn!

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