Ultimate Upper Body & Abs Workout

Ultimate Upper Body & Abs Workout

I wanted to create an ultimate upper body & abs workout which you can do in under 45 minutes and will give you fantastic muscle definition and build your endurance at the same time.

What you’ll find with this workout is that the exercises tax multiple muscles at the same time, particularly your chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps. Coupling this with ab and core exercises will kick your but since they will basically stack on this workout for a pyramid of results.

Now this isn’t going to be an easy beginner workout, so I’d recommend either going into the workouts and training section of this site to find an appropriate workout that works for you, or alternatively doing fewer reps and sets of this workout until you reach the full routine.

Ultimate Upper Body & Abs Workout Directions

With regards to reps, sets and rest period we’re going to focus more on the higher reps and lower weights methodology which again is stacked with short rest periods between exercises and sets. In fact, we want to go about 30 seconds for rest to really get you burning those excess calories as fast as possible.

So with all these exercises go for 3 sets of 12-14 reps. Even though it may seem relatively easy at the beginning you’ll find that with the short rest periods you’ll get pretty winded and will challenge your endurance levels.

Ready? Set…go!

Ultimate Upper Body & Abs Workout

Plank on Stability Ball (view image)
Pushups with Hands Close Together (view image)
Stability Ball Pull In (view image)
Barbell Bench Press on Decline Bench (view image)
Ab Rollout on Stability Ball (view image)
Dumbbell Flyes (view image)
Arnold Press (view image)
Dips on Bench (view image)

Supplements to Increase Upper Body Strength and Define Abs

You may want to take this workout to the next level and if you have a limited time that you’re reaching your goal then some of these supplements have the best research and testimonials to back them up:

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