workout routine for men at home

Workout Routine for Men at Home

Many of you have been asking me about workouts that you can do at home so I thought it was time to write up a workout routine for men to help you tone up and get a pump as quick as possible. ( If you’d like to reference one of the most popular articles on the site for workout routines for men also check out Free Workout Routines for men)

Before we get into the home workout routine I’m going to recommend that you get a few pieces of inexpensive equipment that will be a great investment in keeping you looking and feeling great especially if you use them right before you go out.

Workout Equipment

Balance Board – there is no better way to activate your core than to use a balancing board. It takes away your stability and forces you to keep your abs tight and your posture in good form. Doing exercises as simple as bicep curls will feel 10 times harder and you’ll notice the tone in your muscles changing quicker because of this. Click Here to order a good quality but inexpensive Balance Board

Stretch Resistance Bands – This is probably the best piece of workout accessory you can get because the resistance bands provide an incredible amount of resistance and are very easy to pack with you when you travel. I use them all the time and the different levels of resistance allow you to do a large variety of exercises. Also great to warm you up before playing any sport! Click here to order Altus Latex Stretch Bands

Sit-Up Bar – when I saw this sit-up bar the first time I was totally impressed with how functional it is, and for $10 it is definitely worth it! You can easily slide it under any door and then use it to do ab crunches and most importantly leg lifts. Click here to order the Altus Sit-Up Bar

Ab Wheel – This is for those that are a little more advanced, but the ab wheel is amazing in how effective it is in increasing your core strength. For $8 you can’t get much better than this! Click here to order the Altus Ab Wheel

2 In 1 Power Medicine Ball and Kettlebell – how sweet this is! I found this little guy to be the one item that really takes your workouts to the next level. If you haven’t heard of a kettlebell it is a weighted ball with a grip that you can use to do explosive movements. Almost all the celebrities are using them these days when preparing for movies that require them to be buff in a few weeks time. Click here to order the 2 In 1 Power Medicine Ball And Kettlebell, 12 Lbs.

Jumping Rope – can’t afford a treadmill or bike machine for your home? No worries, get a jumping rope for just $6 and you can burn as much if not more calories. If I can use it in my pretty small condo then there really are no excuses! Great for increasing your agility and hand-eye-coordination which means it will improve your performance in any sport as well. Click here to order the Ultimate Speed Rope

Stability Ball – There are so many things you can do with a stability ball you should already probably have one that you sit on at home. Great for supporting your back the stability ball will allow you to do ab crunches from a number of different angles. As well it can be used for back extensions, push-ups, and even squats. Click here to order the Altus Burst-Resistant Body Ball

Resistance Cable – I’ve gone through a lot of resistance cables that tear a lot but I found this high quality resistance tube that also comes in different resistance levels. These resistance cables are a great compliment to your stretch bands and allow you to do a number of different exercises. Click here to order the Harbinger Resistance Cable

Home Workout Routine for Men:

This workout is going to specialized for toning you up and shedding your body fat. Of course, you will also have to follow a healthy diet with 5 smaller meals/day (If you haven’t yet signed up to my newsletter which also includes a free body transformation in 5 days course make sure to sign up now – Body Transformation in 5 Days )

Do 3 sets of each exercise below with 12-14 reps (rest between sets should be 30-60s)


Warm-up with 10 minutes jumping rope.

Kettlebell Swing (view image)
Balance board squats (view image)
Lateral lunges with one foot on balance board (view image)
Forward Lunge and shoulder press with resistance cable (view image)
Kettlebell one legged squat (view image)
Shoulder raises with stretch resistance band (view image)
Bicep Curls with stretch resistance bands (view image)
Overhead triceps extension with resistance cable (view image)

Cool down with 15 minutes jumping rope.


Warm-up with 5 minutes jumping rope.

Pushups on stability ball (view image)
Ab crunches on stability ball (view image)
Woodchopper with medicine ball (view image)
Ab wheel extensions (view image)
Back extensions with stability ball (view image)
Pushups with legs on stability ball (view image)
Balance board knee tucks (view image)

Jump rope for 5 minutes high intensity, 5 minutes medium intensity, 5 minutes low intensity

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