7 Minute Muscle Review

7 Minute Muscle is an e-book and fitness program designed to help people eliminate excess fat while building learn muscle mass. Read the full …

Muscle Bulking Phase – Still Valid?

It used to be very common for bodybuilders to start bulking muscle in the fall & winter, and cut in the spring to be ready for summer at the beach. But, to put on substantial amounts of muscle, do you have to do a traditional bulk and put on some fat as well?

Workout Plan for Men Cardio Phase 2

We’ve covered days 1-6 of your workout plan and in this 7th day we are going to get your heart pumping and metabolic rate through the roof so we can tart to chip away at those love handles.

Fitness Plan Women: Cardio Phase 2

Today completes the final 7th day of your fitness plan routine of Phase 2 and we’re going to focus on a fat busting cardio routine made for strong and determined women! You’re going to learn how to focus and get in a mode where nothing can stop you because you have a bullet proof plan to follow. Read

Workout Plan for Men: Phase 2 Legs & Shoulders

Get ready for a split routine of legs and shoulders in this workout for men. We’re going to get you some solid muscle development in your legs and shoulders so you can kill at any sport. Even though this is a back to basics workout you are going to be challenged and quite sore the next day.

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