Intro: Sculpt a Stronger Leaner Body

If you’re looking to improve your results at the gym and get out of  a plateau then there’s one strategy you may want to seriously consider that is very powerful with reducing body fat.

Super-setting is a simple but effective strategy for adding some variety to your workout routine and supporting your goals for sculpting a stronger leaner body. It’s also an extremely effective way to challenge your muscle endurance and stamina, increasing your lean muscle mass and rev up your metabolism at the same time.

Below you’ll find the steps to help you sculpt that body. Once you get the technique down, you can easily apply it to any combination of exercises to see better and faster results.

How Does Super-setting Work?

Super-setting is pretty simple. First, you need to choose 2 exercises that target slightly different muscle groups.

The strategy often works best to help you sculpt a stronger leaner body if the muscle groups are opposite or engage your body in opposite motions. For example, the bicep curl and triceps extension are good exercises to super-set, but it’s a technique that can really be applied to anything.

You’re going to perform 1 complete set of the first exercise, followed by 1 complete set of the second exercise, with no rest in between.

Following both of these sets, you’re going to take a 30-60 second rest before repeating.  Depending on your goals, you want to be aiming for 3-4 super-sets.

Sculpt a Stronger Leaner Body Super-set Workout

This lean muscle building workout routine is totally based on the principle of super-setting. Remember, for each pair of exercises, you’re only going to rest after completing 1 full set of each exercise back to back.

Run through this routine, adding to it or switching out exercises to help you sculpt a Stronger Learn Body.

This is a total body routine, so it’s the perfect workout for the weekend or for those days when you just need to change things up. For each exercise, aim for 10-12 reps each.

To boost your results from this routine, start off with a dose of Essential Amino Energy to fuel your muscles and boost your muscle building results.

You may also want to consider GABA Relax with Vitamin B6 to stabilize your energy levels throughout the day and allow you to sleep better and improve your immunity.

Superset 1: Perform 3 supersets of…

Superset 2: Perform 3 supersets of…

Superset 3: Perform 3 supersets of…

Superset 4: Perform 3 supersets of…

Superset 5: Perform 3 supersets of…

Superset 6: Perform 2 supersets of…

Remember, this technique can be applied to any combination of exercises in any workout. And you don’t need to design a whole workout routine around it.

Even just 1 or 2 supersets in an otherwise typical routine can be enough to improve your body sculpting results.

Lastly, don’t forget nutrition and supplementation.  It can be another weapon in your arsenal to help you sculpt a stronger leaner body.

Supplements which can help you burn fat quickly:

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