A few weeks ago I asked my readers about celebrities they wanted to see workouts for and one that was mentioned was Angela Bassett.

If you haven’t seen Angela Bassett in anything lately you will most likely remember her for her fantastic portrayal of Tina Turner in the early 90’s, but this 50 plus beauty is also going to rock you in an upcoming superhero flick by the name of Green Lantern.

Angela is known for her fantastic arms and her blazing mid-section and even though she has surpassed what many may believe are the prime years of physical beauty she is as stunning as ever. The great thing about healthy eating and regular exercise is that it is definitely one of the most important and powerful weapon against aging.

With that said I bet many of you women want to look as good as Angela no matter your age and I spent a considerable amount of time on the web researching and reading articles on her workout plan. This is a sample workout of Angela’s that I found…

Angela Bassett Workout Program

Believe it or not Angela doesn’t over do it with her workouts. Her workouts are short at 25 minutes but consistent for 5 days a week and includes circuit training and jumping rope.

As a trainer I like this workout for women because it allows you to increase your heart rate considerably and keep you in a fat burning zone while at the same time increasing your lean muscle ratio.

5 minute jumping rope warm-up
Circuit workout (do these exercises one after another 3 times in a row and aim for 15 repetitions per exercise):

Dumbbell chest press
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Seated cable row
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Seated dumbbell press
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Dumbbell bicep curls
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Triceps extension
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Dumbbell lunges
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Ab crunches on stability ball
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Plank on stability ball
Jump rope for 30 seconds
Push ups on Bosu ball

Natural Health Supplements for Exercise Programs for Women

Your focus on a nutrition should include 5 healthy meals a day full of lean proteins including fish and chicken as well as a large variety of veggies, and you will want to include these natural supplements for women to get the most of your efforts:

Whey Protein for Lean Muscle Production ( Try: BB 100% Whey Protein Powder)
Thermogenic Fat Burner for Women (Try: Signature Thermogenic)
BCAA’s for recovery of muscles for Women (Try:  Signature BCAA Powder)
Daily Multivitamin for Women with immune support (Try:  Signature Multivitamin with Immunity Boost)

Conclusion: Exercise Programs for Women

Since this workout includes a lot of jumping I’d recommend a high quality pair of women’s running shoes since they have a lot of cushion and support for your knees and ankles. You may also want to grab a jumping rope to help you incinerate the fat even quicker. Give this workout a try for 6 consecutive weeks and remember to use as heavy a weight as you can so that your 15th rep is almost impossible to complete.

I welcome your questions and feedback for this Angela Bassett workout, please leave a comment below…