bootcamp exercises that get you shredded

Bootcamp Exercises That Get You Shredded

There’s nothing like a good bootcamp to get you totally shredded. But let’s face it, bootcamp programs are expensive and they’re often difficult to fit into a busy schedule. I don’t know about you, but waking up at 5 AM doesn’t always work for me.

But a good bootcamp workout is still totally possible. In fact, most bootcamp exercises can be done at the gym or even at home, if you have some decent home workout equipment.

The trick is staying motivated. After all, that’s why most people try bootcamp – they need someone to kick them in the butt and get them moving! Yet with the right tools, you can be your own source of motivation and get the same results.

To help you out, I’ve outlined my 5 best tips for getting motivated in my article WORKOUT MOTIVATION. Take a look, and push yourself to success!

Of course, you also need a good bootcamp workout. Technically, any exercise can be incorporated into bootcamp, so it’s not essential that you follow a strict routine. The key to bootcamp is to really push your limits, and to work fast.

To get you started, here are my top 7 bootcamp exercises for getting you totally shredded. Add in a few of your favorites and run through the circuit 2 to 3 times for optimal results!

Bootcamp Exercises that Get You Shredded

1. Burpees – Burpees are one of the most popular bootcamp exercises, and they’re probably the best for getting you ripped and shredded! They hit every major muscle group and involve your entire body, incorporating jumping, squatting, pushups, and a lot of core work.

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2. Walking Lunge and Press – The lunge and press is an exercise I use frequently with my clients, and it always gives amazing results. It also hits both upper and lower body muscle groups, and turning the exercise into a walking lunge totally ups the ante.

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3. Woodchopper – You can use a medicine ball, dumbbell, or even kettlebell for this one. The goal here is to really engage your abdominal and core muscles as you move the weight across your body, from floor to ceiling.

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4. Russian Twist – A fantastic abdominal exercise, this is probably one of the more challenging bootcamp exercises. Start out by balancing yourself on a stability ball, and holding a medicine ball out in front of you with both hands. Engage your core and obliques, and move the ball side to side as you maintain your balance.

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5. Bosu Ball Knee Tucks – This one’s all about balance. Grab a bosu ball (or similarly, a balance board could be used), and engage in these knee tucks as you come out of lunges. Do one side at a time, but make sure you do an even number on both sides.

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6. Bosu Ball Pushup – Hang on to the bosu, and flip it over for this core-working pushup. Pushups are great bootcamp exercises as it is, and placing your hands on a bosu makes them even more intense!

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7. Barbell Deadlifts – It’s a classic bootcamp exercise, but it’s one of my favorites. Deadlifts give your lower body an amazing workout, and they also really target your lower back. You can also use dumbbells for this one if you’d prefer.

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Energizing Your Bootcamp Workout

I also recommend taking a look at my article on How to Increase Energy Naturally. There are some great tips that will keep you moving through these bootcamp exercises!

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