Health Tip of the Day: Fat Loss

Health Tip of the Day

Today’s health tip is going to get you burning fat and losing weight faster than ever before! It all comes down to one simple but scientifically proven supplement called CLA.

I’ve spent a good portion of my career as a personal trainer getting people in shape and over the years it’s become more and more apparent to me about what it takes to make significant gains in fat loss. While a healthy diet and a complete fitness plan (including both cardio and weights) are essential, most significant gains are quite difficult to make but the right natural metabolism-enhancing supplements can really help you see real results quick.

Many people are still very much against supplements, worrying that the side effects are potentially worse than the benefits. But the last couple decades have witnessed major improvements in both the effectiveness and safety of most health and fitness supplements.

And one of your best options when it comes to burning fat and losing weight is naturally occurring conjugated linoleic acid or CLA for short.

Health Tip of the Day – Burn Fat with CLA

Conjugated linoleic acid, is a naturally-occurring type of fatty acid that incorporates many omega-6 fatty acids. It is derived from animal byproducts and unlike many other animal fats, this fatty acid is safe and totally consistent with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

While it’s not an essential fatty acid, new research has shown that supplementing with CLA (like many other fatty acids) significantly boosts your metabolism and increases your body’s thermogenesis – its ability to convert calories and fat into energy more efficiently (Wikipedia cites 35 independent studies which have shown significant effects of CLA on weight management). In particular, it has been shown to be effective at burning belly fat which is definitely the most intriguing.

Even if you don’t supplement with CLA, you’re probably already getting some in your diet. This type of fatty acid is found in dairy products and is particularly high in grass-fed beef.

But you’re probably not getting enough CLA on a regular basis, especially not to the extent needed to see significant fat loss results.

Health Tip of the Day – Supplement with CLA

So that’s why I recommend taking a good CLA supplement on a daily basis. One of the best CLA products on the market is Magnum Nutraceuticals CLA. Here are just a few of the benefits that make this CLA supplement a leader in the industry:

  • It’s a high-grade CLA supplement, which means it was processed in a way that did not strip it of its natural potency.
  • It’s a complete CLA supplement, which means it contains all of the key active fatty acids found in CLA as well as both active CLA isomers.
  • It’s free of stimulants and other ingredients that leave you feeling jittery and on edge.
  • In addition to its metabolism-boosting effects, it also supports a healthy immune system and contributes to a healthier body and organs.
  • It’s packaged in the form of softgels for fast and easy absorption

In addition to the metabolism-enhancing properties of CLA, this fatty acid also supports a healthy body composition by increasing lean muscle mass.

So that’s today’s health tip. If you’re trying to lose weight and can’t seem to get past the 5 pound mark, or if you’re just trying to tone up and look more lean, I recommend giving Magnum Nutraceuticals CLA a try.

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