Stevia Sweetner – Good or Bad?

There has been a lot of negative information being passed around about artificial sweetners and sugar substitutes over the past several years. Stevia extract sweetner is the topic of this feature where we look to see where it comes from and if it is a healthy alternative to sugars that we can incorporate into our diet today. Read

Muscle Recovery Supplements

If you’re a beginner and just started training or if you’re super advanced and have been training for years, muscle recovery is absolutely key to your success. If you’re finding that your muscles are always sore or you’re not getting the results you think you should be getting then supplementation to our diet can be considered… Read

Lower Back Pain Stretches

Either sitting on our butts all day or walking around in uncomfortable shoes it’s no surprise that so many of us suffer from lower back pain. This article looks at alleviating the pain easily with lower back stretches you can do anywhere.

Muscle Memory

The question many people weight training ask is how does muscle memory work and how can we capitalize on this in our workouts? This article seeks to demystify the muscle memory phenomenon and provide you with strategies to make the most of your workouts even when you miss a few days or weeks. Read

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