Solve Lower Back Pain Once & For All

Without a doubt, one of the most common issues that can cause problems with our training and hold us back from real results is lower back pain. Most of us will look to medication for a resolution or simply ignore the problem and hope it goes away because we’re looking for instant lower back pain relief.

But the bottom line is, that a smarter strategy would be for us to find the right away which will not only provide relief but will also prevent pain in the future. This is especially important for those of us who have had lower back pain at least more than once in the past.

Remember, we want to create a long term strategy which is part of our routine allowing us to get stronger and get more efficient in the way we use power so that we can train as hard as possible and see the best results when it comes to muscle tone and fat loss.

Lower Back Pain Relief: Strategy 1A

Now before, we get ahead of ourselves, I totally get it that if we have lower back pain now we want immediate relief, and other than medication that can have other ugly side effects there are some natural supplements that we can take that is not only good for our back but also all our bones and joints together.

Here are the top rated natural supplements for lower back pain relief:

  • New Chapter’s Bone Strength – this is the holey grail of all bone and joint supplements.  The calcium is derived from plant based sources instead of limestone rock making it much easier for our bodies to digest and absorb. It also have Vitamin K1, K2 ,magnesium and D3.  I’ve had my sister, mother and grandmother take this and praised it because how gentle it was on their digestion and proved boned density increase after testing.
  • FlexMode Joint Support
  • Signature Vitamin D3 with bone and immunity support

Lower Back Pain Relief: Strategy 1B

The main cause of lower back pain is usually from a weak core in which your core is defined by your pelvic muscles, most notably the abs, obliques and erector spinae (muscles around your spinal cord). Secondary to the lats (side back), glutues maximus (butt) and trapezius (upper back) also come into play as supporting muscles.

To strengthen the muscles of the core, you will be using a lot of body weight exercises and your focus will be to do the contractions with a slow and controlled pace.

Pressure and strain should be kept off your neck and anytime you feel uncomfortable tension in your lower back you must make certain to tighten your abs during the exercise. This one tip will help you become more aware of your core muscles especially when you exercise.

For some great workouts to strengthen your core check out these following articles:

Lower Back Pain Relief: Strategy 2

So what about pain relief right now? This is where flexibility training becomes your most effective and powerful weapon. There is some pain medication in the market which can help alleviate the pain a little but if you can do it without drugs then wouldn’t want to try that method first?

Now I’ve already written an article on stretches for lower back pain, so if you haven’t bookmarked it yet check them out here – Lower Back Pain stretches.

Flexibility training has so many benefits including enhanced results from your training because it allows your joints to work more efficiently throughout the range of motion. Put this in place and you have a serious advantage over most people who are just training and exercising all the time.

You should be dedicating at the minimum 10-15 minutes at the end of your workout for flexibility, take this time to really enjoy the feeling and think about what you enjoyed most in that days workout session and how you would improve it next time.

Tied into the flexibility training, one of the best ways of really seeing some muscle tone improvement is by incorporating yoga into your weekly routine. The smartest thing to do in this case is to place a yoga session on your rest day away from the gym.

Yoga will not only make your joints stronger but it will naturally relax the muscles in almost all parts of your body. With more relaxed muscles you get better muscle recovery and the continued ability to increase your game with the fat loss war.

Lower Back Pain Relief: Strategy 3

Now another way to combat nagging lower back pain is to put two other methods together: massage therapy and icing. When it comes to any muscle pain relief I personally have found the best results with massage therapy, but this may sound easier than it sounds.

Finding the right massage therapist (hopefully one that is registered and certified) can be difficult. You may need to try a handful before you find one that really matches your style and continually asks your feedback and is open to changing the pressure and method.

Following up massage therapy with icing is brilliant because the massage therapy gets proper blood flow going throughout all your muscles, and then the icing calms down any inflammation and jump starts your body’s repair functionality.

Lower Back Pain Relief: Conclusion

I know without a doubt these three strategies together: natural nutritional supplements, strengthening your core, increasing your flexibility, plus massage therapy and icing will be extremely powerful in helping you relieve even the most chronic back pain problems.

The key is to stay consistent and patient in order for these to work and at times it may seem pretty challenging but you should always focus on the positive it is giving you. The relief will be priceless!

Have any questions or feedback about lower back pain relief strategies in this article? Please leave a comment below…


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