weight loss tips diet blueprint

Weight Loss Tips: Diet Blueprint

Without a doubt you’ve come to the right place if you want to find the right information about losing excess weight, toning up plus all levels of workouts that you can play around with. But the real question that I still get asked most often is: “how do I go about leaning out?”

You may have tried a number of different diets and workouts, some of you may even be exercising 6 times a week but you’re finding that it’s not making enough of a difference. Here is where it gets interesting for me as a trainer and health coach!

I could devise the most sophisticated and advanced workouts, but if you’re going to go home and eat processed and packaged unhealthy foods no exercise plan in the world could out-compete that. So where do we go from here?

Well first of all you need to take some of that pressure off yourself and relax. Be grateful that you are already on your way to finding the right answers that fit for you. This website is dedicated to helping you along this journey and so far I’ve had hundreds if not thousands of people leave comments on how much this site has helped them overcome their challenges. But I want to make it even more simple…

The Diet Blueprint

You can dive right into this site and grab a number of different workouts, then use my free downloadable weight training log to track and measure, and now I’m going to give you a diet blueprint to take it even further!

Here it is in the most simple form, and there will be a lot of sub-notes for you to think about…

  1. 8am Breakfast
  2. 10:30am Snack
  3. 12:00pm Lunch
  4. 3pm Snack
  5. 5pm Snack
  6. 7pm Dinner
  7. 9pm Snack

So you’re questions may be what are examples of healthy snacks that you can include. Here is a solid list:

Now for meal ideas, I’ll direct you to these two articles which have healthy and very tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas for both men and women:

Fitness & Diet Plan for Women
Workout and Diet Plan for Men

Weight Loss Tips: Diet Blueprint

Ok, so now you have a rough blueprint to follow. With portion sizes you are going to have to experiment to see how your body responds because it really depends on so many factors, like how active you are, what age, what sex, and even your genetics (i.e. metabolism). A great rule to follow with this respect is to eat until you’re almost totally full, but just a little under. You will find this works wonders!

In the end, have fun with it all and just try new herbs and spices all the time, and you’ll find some pretty interesting revelations!

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