Enough Ab-Frustration!

We all know we’ve made it when we get those 6 pack abs, but the road to get there can be incredibly frustrating especially when you feel like you can’t get a grip on life and steer it the way you want to.

Good clean eating and intense exercise is a no-brainer when it comes to getting abs, but of course genetics & age tie into this sometimes giving you the most up-hill battle you’ve ever faced.  Supplements can definitely help you when it comes to your diet, and I don’t know where most of my clients would be without them.  It’s just so hard to get all the nutrients our body needs from food which should be fresh, organic and non-GMO.

Keep these Supplements  in mind to burn that midsection fat quickly:

With all that in mind let’s get started by reviewing a few do’s and don’ts of 6 pack strategies, with the goal of getting you motivated enough to see serious results.

Ready to get it right – and get motivated?

Workout Motivation for 6 Pack Abs

6-Pack Do’s and Dont’s to Get You Motivated

Don’t Forget the Other Body Parts

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, and if you’re feeling like your motivation is dragging lately, this may be why. Just doing abs is going to build abdominal muscle and strength, but it’s not going to help you burn the fat you need to see 6 pack results. Plus, building your strength overall will just further improve your core strength.

Do Work Out Every Muscle Group

Ideally, you want to be focusing on every muscle group at least once a week. This will give you a stronger and more balanced physique overall, while also boosting your metabolism enough to see your abdominal muscles. Fat burning is really impossible to target. If you like you can check out my 8-week Lean Muscle Workout Plan to help you accelerate the results like none other.

Don’t Start with Regular Crunches

Regular old crunches are really the last abdominal exercise you need to be worrying about. Not only are they boring, they’re also not going to offer your body the challenge it needs to get fit and ripped. Start with more intense and dynamic exercises which activate all your core muscles. You need to really work, and the variety will be totally motivating!

Do Start Your Workouts with Ab Exercises

There are a few different approaches to abdominal exercises, but many people find it most effective to target abs a few days a week. When combined with other muscle groups, make sure you start your workout with abs. This will ensure that you’re working your abs with optimal energy and output, and this will only improve your overall results. Try including this 15 Minute Ab Workout in your routine 3-4 days a week.

Don’t Waste Your Time Doing The Same Cardio

The treadmill is not going to get you the results you’re looking for if you’re just doing the same thing day in and day out. Your body has an incredible ability to adapt to recurring exercises which don’t have variation so it’s time for you to switch it up.  See the next point for was to switch it up…

Do Some Cardio, but Get Creative

What you want to do is just get a little more creative – and more intense! Ditch the 1 hour treadmill and elliptical routines, and start engaging in some total body interval training. In half the time you’d spend on repetitive cardio equipment, you can get double the fat-burning results by doing some high intensity interval training. And of all the workout strategies I’ve come across, interval training is the best way to get motivated.  Try my Jump Rope Interval Training Routine to start seeing serious results or mix it up with rowing, kickboxing, step class or get outside and run different terrain all the time so your body does know what to expect next.

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