6 pack abs demystified

6 Pack Abs Myths Demystified

It’s time we take a close look at myths about how to get 6 pack abs and break these ideas by looking a little deeper at the physiology of our core muscles.

Unfortunately, when it comes to 6 pack abs there is a lot of flawed advice out there and if you’re doing crunches to the point where you pass out you may still not get those abs to really pop out.

So let’s break apart from this and expose some interesting facts…

6 Pack Abs Myth #1: Ab Crunches are The Best Exercise for Abs

This is definitely not the case. The way to make muscles stronger and bigger is by forcing them to resist motion or tension. Therefore all that doing crunches over and over again will do is contract the abs in one plane by bending your spine. Repeatedly bending these vertebrae in your back doesn’t force your abs to resist motion.

A better approach may be to think more about stabilizing movements like planks on a stability ball or stability board. Flexing your abs in this position while keeping perfect posture is very effective at burning calories and hitting your abs in a completely different way.

6 Pack Abs Myth #2: Rotational Exercises are Best for Building Obliques

Our oblique muscles surround and accentuate our abs all the while protecting them from damage when we rotate our body too quickly. Rotational exercises like Russian Twist may help build the oblique muscle but researchers are beginning to note that they can also harm your spine by putting too much force on our vertebrae.

A better approach may be to building foundational strength by implementing heavy compound exercises into our workouts. Some of these exercises would include squats and deadlifts as they activate the obliques to maintain proper posture.

We can take this to the next level by adding in unbalanced movements like the single leg deadlift with a dumbbell or single leg lunges. These kind of exercises will force our body to adjust to uneven stress while our spine is in neural position, and this further stabilizes our core and builds our obliques (as long as we make sure to maintain proper form).

6 Pack Abs Myth #3: Higher Reps Are Essential For Abs

Just doing more and more reps will not make your abs grow. The key is to keep adding variation especially with a focus on body-weight or stability exercises which will activate your entire core.

Try adding in a bosu ball or stability board when doing biceps curls and notice how much energy it will take you to keep everything stable…this is the kind of thing you are aiming for and the best part is that it will also excel you in any sport you take part in.

Supplements to Boost 6 Pack Abs

You may want to take this workout to the next level and if you have a limited time that you’re reaching your goal then some of these supplements have the best research and testimonials to back them up:

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Conclusion on 6 Pack Abs Myths

Regardless of how much ab work you put into your training regimen, remember that a well planned diet and total body workout is essential to your success. Abs don’t start showing magically after you build them! They show when you’ve built all the muscles in your body and reduce the fat in your midsection!

Have any other abs myths you’d like to know the truth about? Please leave a comment below…