lose fat fast

Lose Fat Fast

Trying to lose fat and still not seeing the results you’re looking for?

It’s time to drop the fad diets and get thinking seriously about your health!

When it comes down to it, a healthy body weight depends on your overall health. How you treat your body, and the foods you put in it, are the biggest determining factors in the battle for weight loss.

But first…get moving!

Before we get into these no-nonsense fat loss diet tips, we need to look at your exercise and fitness plan. Are you getting the exercise you need in order to lose weight?

I recommend at least 3-5 days a week at a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day. This exercise should be a combination of cardiovascular fitness and resistance (weight) training. This will give you optimal results and help you lose fat faster!

Once you get a somewhat moderate (at least) exercise and fitness plan in place, it’s time to look at your diet and start making choices that are healthy! Healthy choices will simultaneously make you feel better, live longer, and lose fat fast!

Let’s get to it…

No-Nonsense Diet Tips to Help You Lose Fat Fast!

1. Remove the Hidden Hazards – The first thing you need to do is remove all of the hidden hazards in your diet. You may think you’re on a fat loss diet plan, but some of the worst things you can be eating include refined carbohydrates and any seed oils (e.g., grape seed oil, sesame seed oil, flax seed oil). These are 2 items that contribute to a larger waistline.

Start by replacing refined carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Also replace all refined and bleached flours with whole grain, and cut down on your overall wheat intake. You’ll end up getting a lot more fiber in your diet, which will help you get healthy and slim!

If you’re looking for a good fiber supplement, check out Psyllium Husk Powder or Myogenix Pro Fiber. This is a very effective addition to your diet that will boost your metabolism instantly!

2. Monitor Your Fat Intake – This one may seem obvious, but it’s a little more complicated than simply removing all fat from your diet. Of course you need to cut down on your overall fat intake, especially when it comes to trans and saturated fats. But you should also be increasing your intake of good fats.

Healthy fats can actually improve your fat loss efforts and get you burning more calories. Omega 3’s are the most obvious choice, but you should go natural at all cost. That’s why I recommend Optimum Fish Oil Softgels, which are easier for your body to absorb. This supplement is also great for improving your overall health.

3. Eat Foods that Burn Fat – This is one that a lot of people don’t think about. Many foods out there actually increase your resting metabolic rate, which means you’ll burn more fat and calories at rest! Here are some highly effective fat-burning products I recommend:

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