4 powerful workout tips

4 Powerful Workout Tips

It’s a sad reality, but all workouts will eventually plateau without a backup plan.

This is why strategy is so important. Over the years, I’ve uncovered a number of tricks that have helped me stay on track and continue making gains in my workouts.

So I thought I’d share some of those tricks with you. In addition to hitting it hard and changing things up regularly, here are 4 powerful workout tips to keep you going at the gym! Trust me, this is how you stay motivated and see real results!

4 Powerful Workout Tips

1. Work Out to Your Own Beat

If there’s one thing that gets me pumped and feeling motivated during my workouts, it’s my music. Music sets the tone for a number of things in life, and workouts may just be near the top of that list.

In fact, research supports the use of music during workouts. One study showed a link between the tempo of music and the person’s workout intensity. Those listening to music with a faster tempo had significantly more intense workouts than those listening to a slower tempo. Makes sense, right?

Music can help keep you focused, it can set your pace for a cardio workout, and most importantly, it helps pass the time and prevent boredom at the gym.

2. Find Some Support

One of the strongest predictors of fitness success is social support. This is why working out with a friend can be so effective.

This is also why people benefit so much from a personal trainer. Trainers like myself aren’t just there to teach – we’re also there to provide motivation and to apply a bit of pressure to the workout process. But finding a workout buddy can be great motivation in itself.

3. Set a Workout Goal – Every Day!

As a trainer, I’m all about setting goals for my clients and helping them develop their own goals. But goal setting should be about more than long-term or even monthly goals. In addition to your big goals, I recommend setting a goal for every workout.

Daily goals can be as simple as getting in 10 complete exercises or as progressive as increasing all of your weight by 2-5 pounds. The point is to commit to something and have something to work towards. You’ll feel a lot more satisfied in the end!

4. Strategize!

Before doing anything, you need to come up with a complete plan that’s tailored to your own fitness and workout goals. This plan should address exercise, diet, and motivation.

I’ve said it before, but you really need to think of the science behind your workout strategy. This is where a lot of people go wrong – they don’t get specific, and they don’t consider how everything works together.

Here are some simple strategies to help you get the most out of your workout. All of these strategies are supported by science – which means you’ll maximize your workout results!

  • Give Yourself a Pre-Workout Boost – Supplementing with an energy booster like USPLabs Jack3d is a great way to maximize your energy output at the gym!
  • Get Lots of Protein – Protein helps you avoid cravings and build lean muscle mass, which is key to any workout plan. My favorite pick is the tasty Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion (try the vanilla flavor, it’s amazing).
  • Improve Your Post-Workout Recovery – Recovery is all about allowing your muscles to rest and facilitating muscle growth. Scivation Xtend is one of the best, scientifically proven recovery supplements on the market!

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