cardio exercises at home

Cardio Exercises at Home

If you’re like me, you probably find yourself strapped for time when it comes to workouts. And let’s face it, life is hectic.

This is why home workout routines have come in handy over the years. A lot of people avoid home workouts because they think they’re less effective. And I’ll admit, a lot of stuff out there is pretty weak. But when done right, home workouts can be just as intense as the gym.

This article reviews some of the best at-home full-body cardio exercises and fitness options. Remember, you can do a lot more than going for a walk or run!

Cardio Exercises at Home – Easy Options

Like I said, there’s a lot more you can do at home than just going for a walk or run. But that said, don’t throw these options out altogether. If you have the time, going for a 30-minute walk or run can burn a ton of calories and energize your day.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is super effective and burns a ton of fat and calories in very little time. What’s also great about jumping rope is that it’s a total body workout. You’re engaging your upper and lower body, and by engaging your core muscles, you can also get a decent core workout in there.

For a great jump rope workout, I highly recommend the LCD Digital Jump Rope. It’s great for tracking your progress and keeping you on track with your goals of staying toned.

The best part of jumping rope is that interval training is naturally a part of it. You can mimic my High Intensity Interval Training routine with the jump rope.

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are probably one of the most versatile pieces of home fitness equipment. You can get a great ab and core workout with this one item. You can also use it in a number of leg exercises or make your upper body workouts more challenging. Here is a full exercise ball ab workout

Here’s a great exercise ball package that includes a pump and a DVD with a ton of home exercises – Xercise Ball Package With DVD And Pump.

Toning Bands

Toning tubes and stretch bands can be incorporated into nearly any exercise, and they’re highly effective at adding variable levels of resistance in a muscle toning routine. You can go for lighter resistance with these Latex Stretch Bands or add on the pump with these Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes. You can check out my Home Workout No Equipment article for ideas of using these cables.

Cardio Exercises at Home – Taking Things to the Next Level

If you’re looking to take things up a notch, or you’re moving your workouts from the gym to your home, then you should consider one of these great at-home options:


P90X is by far one of the most effective at-home fitness programs. It’s super intense and some of the workout can be fit in to a 30-60 minute window. Tons of celebrities have had amazing results with this program. Click here to check it out – P90X.

Hip Hop Abs

This is another popular ones, and for good reason. This is an innovative way to incorporate some intense ab workouts into your day and have some fun at the same time. Click here for more info – Hip Hop Abs.

Insanity Workout

This one isn’t for beginners, but don’t be scared to jump in to soon. This is an intense, full-body conditioning and fitness program that will get you ripped and toned in just 60 days! Check it out here – Insanity Workout

Cardio Exercises at Home – Conclusion

Any of these options are effective at getting you burning calories and feeling in shape. Remember, it all depends on your own goals and the amount of time you can commit. If you want to track your fitness progress through any of these exercises, consider investing in this Omron Heart Rate Monitor. It can help get you feeling motivated!

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