Injury and Preventing Weight Gain

Injuries happen to the best of us, and especially for those of who are trying sometimes a little too hard a little too quick.

Without a doubt one of the biggest worries during an injury is preventing weight gain. Making it to the gym, or getting intense exercise of any kind, can be quite difficult depending on the severity of the injury.

But don’t sweat it. There’s a lot you can do during an injury to maintain and even improve your current fitness level.

In fact, what I recommend to most people is to consider their injury a break from their normal routine. Remember, your body gets bored with the same old thing, so this may be the perfect time to find other ways to stay fit.

3 Ultimate Injury and Preventing Weight Gain Strategies

Injury and Preventing Weight Gain Strategy #1: Look for New Methods of Exercise

If your injury prevents you from running or jumping on the cardio equipment at the gym, consider trying Pilates or yoga. Both of these low impact forms of exercise are great options for staying in shape and may give your muscles a bit of a boost.

In fact, many physical therapists actually use Pilates in order to increase range of motion, improve tissue repair, and recover strength and flexibility. If your injury is severe, definitely take instruction from a specialist. But yoga or Pilates classes may be great options if your injury is only minor. You can also consider replacing high impact exercise with things like cycling or swimming.

Injury and Preventing Weight Gain

Injury and Preventing Weight Gain Strategy #2: Start a Healthy Habit

If your injury is completely preventing you from being active, then I recommend focusing on other areas of your health. Consider taking this time to improve some other area of your life that you haven’t had time to focus on.

For example, you might want to take the time that you would have spent running to prepare fresh, whole food meals. Or, focus on establishing better sleep patterns. Even something like eating raw food or going organic is a great new habit to start during an injury, as it will help prevent weight gain as well.

Injury and Preventing Weight Gain Strategy #3: Learn to Relax

An injury may also be a good time to work on your inner health and wellness. If you can incorporate some yoga, that’s great, but either way meditation is a really effective method of improving your overall sense of well-being.

If your injury is only short-term, you can definitely consider those couple of weeks a good recovery period for your muscles and joints. After weeks or months of constant working out, your body is probably in need of some major rest. But why not regain some inner peace at the same time? Try replacing your workouts with meditation, yoga or any other activity which allows you to relax your mind, and I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you return to the gym.

Injury and Preventing Weight Gain – Conclusion

Remember, you don’t need to be out running or working out in a gym to be burning calories. Depending on the severity of your injury, just try to stay active as much as possible. Swimming, biking, hiking or taking long walks are great low impact activities. Every little bit counts.

If your major focus is resistance training and your injury is keeping you from hitting the weights, then I highly recommend taking a high quality protein supplement during this period of time. Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion is a great (and tasty) option. Combined with a recovery supplement like Optimum Glutamine, your muscles will get the fuel they need to stay in top shape during your break.

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