10 Rules of the Happiest & Healthiest People

Uncovering the Rules of Happiness & Health 

Being rich doesn’t necessarily bring happiness right?  In fact, most of the financially richest people we meet are also not the happiest.

I’m sure you can relate if you’ve done much traveling but I recall being in a very poor area of South America and was taken aback by a group of different families at the park and just all having such a sense of joy and laughing at every moment as if money and possessions were the last things on their mind. How truly humbling these moments can be right?

With that in mind it’s good for us to reflect on the true core of our happiness and what it really means to us as an individual.

What’s interesting is that the research is pretty clear in showing that being healthy has also a lot to do with being happy. If we feel good about ourselves then perhaps we can value the foods that we consume & the exercises we do to energize our bodies and giving us that great sense of accomplishment.

So what general traits do the happiest and healthiest people share in common? Let’s jump right in…

10 Rules of the Happiest & Healthiest People

Happiness Gets Under Your Skin

People who consider themselves happy tend to have a lower resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, and lower levels of cortisol, the hormone that’s released when you’re stressed out and having a bad day. What’s even more impressive, happier people seems to have stronger immune systems and get sick less often.

Happy People Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the most important health behaviors you can focus on, because it affects everything else you do, from diet to exercise. And studies suggest that people with a more positive mindset also get a better night’s sleep.

Meaning and Purpose Really Matter

People who have meaning and purpose in their lives are also more likely to be healthier and get sick less often. Ultimately this means that a little motivation and direction in your life can improve your health, probably because you’re more committed to certain goals.

A Positive Outlook Helps You Reach Your Health Goals Faster

The research also shows that a positive mindset can make you a lot more likely to get fit and healthy, stick to exercise and diet plans, and see your health goals through. It’s a lot easier to overcome daily challenges when you’re happy.

Meditation Helps You Beat Stress

Meditating and relaxing your mind, two key habits of happy people, also go a long way to help you beat stress and improve your health. The research shows that meditation actually has a physical impact on your brain and your body’s stress response.

A Positive Mindset Improves Your Mental Health

This one may not be as surprising, but the effects are pretty far-reaching. Happiness appears to improve learning, concentration and focus, and even memory!

A Happy Mindset Means a Happy Heart

Studies have shown that people who maintain a more positive outlook on life also have a healthier heart, and are less likely to develop heart disease. Considering heat disease is and has long been one of the biggest causes of death then this one should really stick for us all.

Happiness Keeps You Connected to Others

The connections and relationships in your life have a clear link to your health and well-being. People with more social support deal with stress better and are less likely to suffer from a wide variety of illness and diseases! Maintaining a positive attitude is one key way to stay connected and surround yourself with people who share this same value.

Positive Emotions Help Reduce Pain

Research has shown that people who try different exercises to improve their mood experience reduced pain, whether it’s everyday aches and pains associated with stress or the symptom of something more serious.

Happy People Tend to Live Longer

This one’s no joke. People who are happy and satisfied with their lives seem to live longer than those who do not. For older adults, studies have shown that a positive outlook on aging can give you an extra 7 years!

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