Treadmill Workout

Treadmill Workout – Ultimate Routine

Let’s screw all theories regarding weight loss, weight training, toning and defining and let’s look at a very practical treadmill workout routine today. A word of warning – this workout is not for the beginner as it gets very intense very quickly and pushes you right to your limits. It’ll get your heart rate going and your metabolism super-charged allowing your body to burn through fat at an incredibly high rate.

One more thing…this routine actually includes a large portion of high intensity interval training and includes sprints but also periods where it’s more about strengthening and toning by using the gradation button of your treadmill to simulate hills.

Get ready? Get Set! Go…

Treadmill Workout

1 minute – pre-warm up with 3.8 mph and 1.5 elevation
4 minutes – warm up with 6.5 mph

————-Begin HIIT——————
1 minute – 7.0 mph (base speed for our interval training)
30 seconds – 8.5 mph
30 seconds – 7.0 mph
30 seconds – 9.0 mph
30 seconds – 7.0 mph
30 seconds – 9.5 mph
30 seconds – 7.0 mph
30 seconds – 10.0 mph
30 seconds – 7.0 mph
30 seconds – 10.5 mph
30 seconds – 7.0 mph (we’ve reached 10 minutes total)

————-Begin Climbing——————
1 minute – 6.0 mph increase elevation to 2.5
2 minutes – 3.8 mph increase elevation to 6.5
2 minutes – 6.0 mph decrease elevation to 2.5
5 minutes – 7.0 mph keep elevation

————-Cool Down——————
3 minutes – 3.8 mph with 1.5 elevation


There we go, this treadmill workout is just 23 minutes but it’s an ultimate routine because if gears you up to a full on sprint, then brings you down and really gets you sweating like mad with a climbing session that will tone your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes (butt!).

Feel free to add variation or use this plan as a goal to reach while you work on a similar but less intense routine until you can get your cardio up to this level. Give it a try and leave a comment below on your thoughts.