Home Workout No Equipment

Home Workout No Equipment

Recently many people through my Facebook page have been asking me about new home workouts that use no equipment so I thought it was time to put together a new one that you can implement 3 days a week and build up the intensity over 4 weeks to get some great results in reducing the belly fat we all dredge.

This will be a total body workout plan that involves your core, chest, arms, legs and shoulders so you will tone nicely in all areas and be able to feel better and better about yourself especially on days when time is really short and you can’t make it to the gym.

Of course, you will also need to include a comprehensive plan which includes a healthy diet and maybe even some nutritional supplements to allow you to stay on course and boost your metabolism on a daily basis.

Ready for the home workout? Let’s go…

Home Workout Intro

Although you do not need any equipment I would recommend the following super cheap gear so you can add resistance as you grow in strength and challenge your ab muscles in different ways as that is what will help you see results faster.

Home Workout Routine

To start out you will warm up with 5 minutes of jumping rope or jumping jacks. Start out slowly and then increase in intensity. After you do this workout several times you will want to increase the time all the way up to 10 minutes.

Similarly you are going to start this workout plan with doing 2 sets and 10 repetitions of all the exercises and as you go you can add more reps (up to 14) and finally get to 3 or even 4 sets as you increase in strength.

Squats on Balance board {or try on one foot} (view image)
Pushups {on stability ball or balance board} (view image)
Ab crunches on stability ball (view image)
Lunge and shoulder press with resistance cable (view image)
Kettlebell swings (view image)
Shoulder raises with stretch resistance band (view image)
Bicep Curls with stretch resistance bands (view image)
Overhead triceps extension with resistance cable (view image)
Balance board knee tucks (view image)

Cool off by jumping rope for 10 minutes with variable intensity levels (make sure to include 30 second bursts of as fast as you can).

Nutritional Supplements for Maximum Results

Home Workout No Equipment

I hope you enjoyed this home workout no equipment routine which you can do in less than an hour as much as three times per week. Remember each week to really up your intensity and you can add variety by switching up the order of the exercises. Also pre and post workout nutrition is really going to make an impact on your belly busting results so make sure to have the greatest will power during these times!

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