advanced tricks to boost your workout

Boost Your Workout

Feel like your workout has hit a plateau? I’ve got 4 advanced tricks to totally boost your workout routine – and get you in killer shape.

All of these strategies are designed to shock your muscles and get them out of the same old routine. Adding variety to your workout program is an easy solution for avoiding boredom and stagnation, and these advanced methods are sure to do the job.

So I’m not wasting any more time on this one. Ready for these?

4 Advanced Strategies to Boost Your Workout

1. Rest-Pause Sets

This first trick works best for big, compound exercises like the bench press or barbell squat. It’s a simple method that has a big impact on your muscle endurance, which can really go a long way to improve your overall stamina and results at the gym.

Stack on a moderately heavy weight (what you would normally do to perform sets of 6-8 reps). Perform 4-5 repetitions, then place the weight or bar back on the rack for 15 seconds. As soon as your 15 seconds are up, perform another 4-5 reps. Continue alternating between these short sets and 15-second rests, aiming to get out at least 5-6 sets. It should be your long term goal to work up to 10 reps using this method.

2. Complexes

This next advanced trick takes supersetting to the next level. Rather than supersetting with the same 2 exercises, you’re going to cycle through sets of different exercises that target the same muscle group back to back. This is another great way to improve endurance and stamina.

Start by choosing a muscle group that you want to target, let’s say your chest. Then choose 4 exercises that each target your chest muscles in a slightly different way. Power through each exercise, without resting in between, for one complex set. Here’s an example:

1. 3-5 reps of bench press
2. 6-8 reps of dumbbell chest press
3. 8-12 reps of cable chest flye
4. As many reps as possible of push-up with feet on bench

You can combine any exercises you want, but make sure each complex is diverse, including a compound exercise (like the bench press), an isolation exercise (like the cable flye), and a body weight exercise (like the push-up) if possible.

3. Negative Reps

You’re going to really feel the burn with these ones. Most of your strength is actually gained during the release in weight training, when you’re lowering the weight back to its starting position. Negatives increase the challenge (and results) significantly by slowing this down even further. And that’s all you have to do with negative reps. In each repetition, you’re simply going to take about 3 times as long to lower the weight back to starting. I recommend counting 5-6 seconds in total for each release.

4. Time Under Tension

This one is similar to negatives, but rather than focusing on the release, this strategy makes the entire set last longer. Rather than plowing through your reps, take your time, and make each set really count. Start by aiming for 30-45 second sets, making sure each rep takes you between 8 and 10 seconds. In every lift and release, really focus on engaging the muscles involved, and I guarantee you’ll feel the burn in no time.

Want more great ways to boost your workout?

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