Motivation Tricks to Help You Work Out Harder

How Do You Boost Your Motivation?

If you’re feeling like your workout could use a boost, then motivation is the key to your ignition. These 5 motivation tricks to help you work out longer and with more energy than ever before.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of a perspective shift, something to shake you up and get you seeing clearly again.  With this in mind you’ll see that in order to get your results coming in again you need to switch things up. Get outside of your comfort zone and get prepared to do a refresh.

These motivation tips are designed to get you REALLY engaged in your workout routine. Time to get your head back in the game and get you working out HARD!

5 Motivation Tricks to Improve Your Workout

1. Reassess Your Diet

It’s always surprising how well this one works, but believe it or not, a revamp of whatever eating plan you are or on or are not on is a great way to flip a reset switch. Doing the same thing over and over again is not going to give you results so switch it the heck up already! A change up of your eating plan can restart your body’s mindset and improve your fat loss and muscle building results, and when you have results you get a total boost in your confidence and motivation.

This post’s a good one to help you simplify your eating plan –  Common Sense Diet Plan.

2. Focus Your Efforts

As I mentioned, routine can be a major source of boredom, so it’s important to make sure your routine isn’t too repetitive. If you’re doing the same workout a few days a week, or if you’re only splitting things up by upper and lower body, it may be time to focus your efforts. Try dedicating each workout to only 1 or 2 muscle groups. Over the course of a week, you’ll never do the same exercise twice and this will create serious muscle confusion which means better results.

If you really want to advance your game check out Muscle Confusion Workout Routines.

3. Start Your Workout with the Right Nutrition

Before each workout, I always like to fuel up with something that’s both healthy and energizing. My go-to pre-workout fuel is a protein shake about an hour before my workout. It gives your body and muscles the nutrients they need to stay fueled.

Once again though if you’re having the same old smoothie over and over again it’s time to switch it up and what better way to do it then to get my free 50 smoothie recipes ebook?

4. Track Your Progress

Nowadays, tracking your fitness progress is so much easier with the help of smart phone apps. But even if you go with the traditional pencil and paper approach, writing down your exercise and workouts is a great way to get motivated. Not only does it allow you to see your progress over time, it also motivates you to push yourself to the next level by keeping a clear record of what you did last week. I highly recommend it to anyone needing motivation to work out.

A big recommendation from me is the free 50 smoothie recipes ebook which can help you stay organized and on track with your workout schedule, it’s a great little investment.

5. Get Your Timing Right

When you work out also plays a big role in your workout motivation and success. If you’ve scheduled your workouts after work but never feel motivated to hit the gym, you may need to revamp your schedule and go earlier in the day, or at lunch. And I know what you’re going to say – you don’t want to wake up any earlier. But I’ve been surprised by how motivating an early workout can be. Give it a try, at least for a few sessions and see how it can revolutionize your motivation.  The best part is that it’s typically dead in the mornings so you can have any piece of equipment you want all to yourself!

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