Common Sense Diet Plan

Common Sense Diet Plan

We all know it down deep, none of these stupid diet fads are sustainable and long-lasting.  At some point everyone breaks or has some backlash swing where they then begin to gain all that excess weight back again.  So what if instead we just followed our common sense? What if that was the solution all along?

Before we get into the full blown diet or what I like to call meal plan, let’s look at 5 principles that are based on the perspective that YOUR BODY IS A MACHINE. Get in this mindset, and follow this advice and watch that fat melt and stay away for good.

5 Common Sense Diet Principles

1. Stop Eating So Much – This may sound a little too basic, but in order to maintain a healthy body weight, it’s absolutely critical that you don’t overeat. One way to use some common sense here is to eat a little more slowly, and pay attention to your stomach. Once you start feeling full, put the fork and knife down. It takes a good 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full.

2. If You Don’t Want to Be Fat, then Stop Eating Fat! – You can’t get any more real about it. If you want to drop the weight, then you need to cut out fat from your diet. Eating bad fats, like those found in fried and processed foods, will only make you fat!

But there is a bit of a catch to this one. Some fats are actually good for you, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to boost your metabolism and help you shed the extra pounds. So use some common sense, and avoid trans and saturated fats. Fats like those found in salmon, nuts, and avocados, however, are great options in moderation. Or if you’d like, try taking NOW Ultra Omega-3.

3. Let Go of Your Sugar Fantasies – There are no two ways about it. When it’s not used up in energy production, calories from sugar are stored as fat in your body. So when you eat a bunch of sugar, you may as well be eating a bunch of fat. Watch your labels, and cut down your sugar intake as much as possible.  You may also find great benefit in reading this super popular article How to Quit Sugar in 30 Days.

4. Eat What Fills You Up – Some foods make you feel full for longer because they take longer to digest. One of these major nutrients is protein. Common sense would tell you that if you eat more protein, you’ll feel more satisfied and eat less as a result. And it’s true. Protein is a great way to avoid those deadly cravings. Add a protein supplement like How to Quit Sugar in 30 Days to your diet and try a protein shake for breakfast! Another filling option is fiber, so grab some fruits and vegetables whenever you can!

5. Keep Your Metabolism in High Gear – Your body really is a machine, and food is its fuel. So the more often you eat throughout the day, the more you’ll keep your engine revved up. Cutting your 3 meals into 6 smaller meals will help stabilize your metabolism and improve your body’s ability to burn fat all day long.

Now onto the plan…

The Common Sense Diet Plan

This common sense diet plan is meant to be a guide, and offers you some great options for losing weight, burning fat, and staying in great shape!

Give these ideas a try…

Breakfast: Start with the basics. Make sure you get lots of protein and fiber to ward off cravings, and lots of whole grains to keep you energized. An egg white omelet and a piece of whole grain toast with all-natural peanut butter would do the trick. Avoid the sugary fruit juices.

Mid-Morning Snack: To keep your metabolism and energy levels up, snack on a handful of almonds and an apple.

Lunch: Grab half a can of tuna, some organic greens, and a whole grain tortilla wrap, and you’ve got yourself an easy and healthy lunch. Remember, keeping your portion sizes down is key!

Mid-Afternoon Snack: It’s time to refuel once again. Try a cup of fat-free Greek yogurt with some blueberries and a sprinkle of oat flakes. The Greek yogurt will totally hold you off until dinner!

Dinner: This is when you really want to watch your portions. Try a balanced meal with a lean meat (chicken, salmon, etc.), some brown rice, and a good serving of vegetables.

Evening Snack: Cravings are always at their worst just before bed. Have some baby carrots, an apple with a slice of cheese, or half a cup of natural popcorn.

Have any questions or feedback about this common sense diet plan? Please leave a comment below…