Best Home Gym Equipment

Save Time and Get Total Body Toned 

Life can get crazy, and sometimes making it to the gym is just impossible so giving yourself the option of working out at home is a great way to stay on track with your fitness goals.

With the right equipment, you can have a pretty spectacular workout in the time it would have taken you to travel to and from your gym/fitness center! That makes for a pretty efficient workout when your schedule is tight and that’s why there are some people who you envy that just fit it in no matter what.

But when it comes to choosing home gym equipment, you need to make some smart choices. Not all equipment is created equally, which is why this article look at some of my top picks for best home gym equipment.

Best Home Gym Equipment – The Tools

Here are some great options for home workout equipment that can make your workouts more effective and fun!

  • PowerBlock SportBlock – These adjustable dumbbells are absolutely revolutionary in saving you tons of space and allowing you to change weights being completely adjustable for a whole family even going from 5lbs all the way to 90lbs per dumbbell!
  • Altus Body Ball Fitness Combo – An exercise ball is a pretty essential piece for any home gym. This combo pack comes with an inflatable exercise ball as well as 2 smaller weighted balls for adding resistance to your workouts.
  • Bosu Ball – If you haven’t already tried a bosu, you should. In addition to being a great balance piece, you can do a lot to intensify your core exercises, you can do pushups on them, situps, and a variety of butt toning exercises like lunges, squats and split squats even.
  • Padded Handle Push Up Bars – Want to get a little more out of your pushups? This simple equipment will help you go a deeper and get a bigger push.
  • Ab Wheel – Another simple piece, this one will really challenge your abdominal strength like non-other at for $10 it’s a must-have.
  • LCD Digital Jump Rope – Looking for a good warm-up exercise for your home workout? Nothing beats a jump rope – and this one comes with some pretty cool features.
  • Altus 2 In 1 Power Medicine Ball And Kettlebell – This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment for a home gym. These balls transform from medicine balls into kettlebells with the simple attachment of handles. Pretty ingenious, and they’ll give you a ton of home workout options.

Best Home Gym Equipment – The Gear

Last but not least, there are a couple things you should consider that will really keep you on track with your workouts – at home and at the gym!

Best Home Gym Equipment – The Framework

Now, depending on your space and budget, you may want to take it all the way to a whole new level with some fundamental components that round up your at-home gym.

Investing in a foundational piece like this Sport Bench will completely diversify your home workouts, and add one of these Deluxe Chin Up Bars to allow you to really chisel those back muscles.

If your budget and space are even greater, this Powerline Smith Gym can transform your home workouts and allow you to do squats, lunges, shoulder press, chest press and a whole slew of other exercises which will get you total body toned. Powerline is a leader in the industry and has a pretty good guarantee.

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