free printable food log

Free Printable Food Log

I couldn’t give you a weight training log and diet blueprint without also giving you one more golden token to help you achieve your success.

I’m with you on this one, just the idea of keeping a food log is a major turn off, but what if were to tell you that this one technique could be the thing that breaks all barriers you’ve always faced in this effort?

What if keeping a food log gets you to have not just a pretty decent body but one that you really feel proud of this beach season? Perhaps the focus could be more about removing the fear and hesitation of it because we want to get the goods, and after-all what do we really have to lose?

I’m giving you the whole kit-and-kaboodle here, it’s literally at your finger prints and I’ve even going to make it easier for you by giving it to you in an easy to print PDF format.

But before we do, let me give you some pointers which will highlight how this will really help.

You’ll notice that I have a space for “how you are feeling”, don’t ignore this one. When you write down how you felt when eating the food it can give some very powerful information about your pscyhe. Were you eating out of boredom, were you tired, had something upset you recently, or did something you see make you hungry all of a sudden.

If you take this log for just a few days and go back and look at the items which were a little out of your “healthy” list of items, perhaps you’ll see a pattern and develop a plan of action to prevent this from happening in the future.

This one simple part could be a complete game changer and you’re going to have to be totally and completely honest with yourself.

Notice I have also left an area for water intake, because for a lot of us getting 8 full glasses of water (8oz serving) during a day may seem easy until you write it down. And remember you want to increase this by at least 4-6 cups if you are exercising for just one hour that day. Dehydration leads to a number of problems which are particularly related to how hungry you feel.

Without further adieu…

Download and Print Your Free Food Log:
You can now download and print this out in just a couple steps by clicking on the link – Free Printable Food Log (right click and save as)

Conclusion: Free Printable Food Log

Having something in writing which shows what you consume on a typical day works wonders and I won’t say anything more because it’s just one of those things you have to do for yourself. It’s the one thing that will lead to that killer beach body and just feeling comfortable with yourself. I know it’s hard and I’m there with you so if you encounter any times when you feel like you won’t do it, come to this article and leave an article, you’ll get support from me and the great community here…