weight loss tips secrets to greater results

Weight Loss Tips – Secrets to Greater Results

When it comes to losing a little excess fat around the waist we all want to know the secrets to getting better and greater results from our workout and diet plans!

Well the answers may be right in front of you and if you can use this knowledge to put it all together in a manner which will work for you then success in your goals will be close to reach!

Before we get into this grab a cup of tea (preferably green) and get in the positive mood to take this in. As soon as you notice yourself cringe or have negative feelings about a certain topic you will know this is an area you will need to work on most. Think of why those negative feelings arise and always, always look for the positive in your response to it.

Ready? Here we go…

Weight Loss Tip #1 – Secrets to Greater Results

Hydration. If there was any one thing you should always have at the front of your mind, is “when was the last time I drank some water”. It’s pretty hard to over-hydrate especially if you are an active person, but even more important is the fact that without proper hydration our hormones don’t function properly.

Your goal should be about 8 cups of water a day, but what about if you exercise? Well you should add at least 3-4 cups of water for every hour you exercise.

Weight Loss Tip #2 – Secrets to Greater Results

Focus on a healthy breakfast. There should be no excuses here, even if you are really short on time. You should be able to make some healthy oatmeal and boil an egg or two within 4-5 minutes. If you would like more healthy breakfast ideas make sure to check out (Healthy Diets for Men and Healthy Diet Plan for Women: Breakfast Ideas .

Why is breakfast so important? Think about it this way. If you start out your day with a healthy meal you are much more likely to continue your efforts throughout the day in comparison to starting it out with a muffin and butter which is full of calories and fat. If you look for it and read the labels you can find some healthy variations of oatmeal and even high fiber cereals that don’t have sugar as the first or second ingredient.

Weight Loss Tip #3 – Secrets to Greater Results

High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT). You will never see such incredible results in fat loss until you have tried HIIT, not only does it decrease the amount of time you spend on your cardio, but it also leaves your body as a thermogenic fat burning furnace for hours after wards. Try and aim for 2 HIIT sessions a week and make sure to give yourself at least a days rest from intense cardio after this session so your body can recover.

If you want more info on HIIT make sure to ready my article High intensity Interval Training

Weight Loss Tip #4 – Secrets to Greater Results

Variation. Nothing comes close to shocking your system than varying your workouts at least once every 6 weeks. Your body has the incredible ability to adapt quickly to any stress you place on it, and working out is no exception.

Play with your workouts, make them challenging and have fun with it all! You’ll notice that this will not only keep your motivation up but you will get far better results!

Weight Loss Tip #5 – Secrets to Greater Results

Focus on unprocessed foods. Processing and packaging of foods is a major cause of the extra belly we store around our weights. Usually with processing chemicals are added to preserve food and this creates havoc with our internal systems (primarily our hormones which dictate how our metabolism operates).

There is one exception, that is cereal, bread and oatmeal. Obviously it’s pretty hard to get enough fiber without eating these kind of processed foods, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look at the nutritional info of these product, right? If you want a quick read on how to read these labels read my article – How to Read Nutrition Facts Labels.

Weight Loss Tips – Secrets to Greater Results Conclusion

How about them apples. Which one of these tips created the biggest cringe for you? That is your weak point, so start focusing on improving it with positivity in mind. Some dedication to your healthy eating, hydration and interval training will go a really long way. Now you just have to wait to see how good it makes you feel when you put these all together!

Have any questions or comments about these Secrets to Greater Results? What have you found works best for you? Please leave a comment below…