weight training log

Weight Training Log

You may be training pretty hard at the gym or your home gym and still finding that the results are pretty lack luster. This is a pretty normal phenomenon and can be not only extremely frustrating but could lead to your motivation going down the tube.

What’s one of the most simple strategies you can implement to turn your workout routine upside down? It doesn’t matter whether your are male or female, keeping a weight training log is absolutely essential in providing long term success with your goals.

Let’s look at this a little deeper so you can really see the value!

Benefits of Keeping a Weight Training Log

Although you may think that you can keep a good memory of all the weights you have used before, keeping a weight training log is something I can guarantee will make you see your workouts in a completely different light. It’s especially important if you are a beginner and trying to find out what weight to use, the number of repetitions, plus the number of sets you should be doing. With a weight training log you can make notes if something was too easy or too hard and then alter your workout the next session to really capitalize on this information.

Now you can keep track of how much you are progressing and how much you are improving week after week. This kind of reminder works wonders on your psyche, and we all know how much one’s psyche can affect progress and success (just look at any of the strategies that professional athletes are using today!).

As you reference your log you begin to build confidence and see what is the cause of your results stagnating and being less than desirable.

Finally you may also get some pretty good insight of anything causing you to get injured so you know what to avoid next time around.

With all this in mind you will keep your motivation pretty high if you look at your weight training log the night before and plan what’s to come. This kind of technique is for superstars and you should give it full attention particularly if you want to make it to the next level with your weight training goals.

Ok, ok, I think you get the point. But I want to make it even easier for you so I’ve created a pretty cool weight training log you can download and print out. To be honest, I wish I had this several years ago!

Download and Print Your Weight Training Log:
You can now download and print out your own killer weight training log – Weight Training Log (right click and save as)

A couple final notes. You can find a number of different workouts by going to the Workouts and Training section of this site. Also you should remember to switch up your workout at least once every 6 weeks so you don’t plateau and/or get bored with your workout.

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