fast abs workout

Fast Abs Workout

I can’t count how many times I walk into a gym and see people doing hundreds of ab crunches hoping that these exercises will get their abs to jump out. Not only is this a waste of their time but they have it all wrong.

In order to get killer abs you need a smart workout that is not only intense but also challenges every muscle in your body. Then we need to factor in a healthy diet rich of protein and fruits/veggies, high quality sleep and the time and motivation to keep it all on track.

Sound overwhelming? Let’s take a couple steps back and give you a fast abs workout which will tax all your muscles and give you results in the shortest mount of time…

Fast Abs Workout Routine

This ones going to be a different challenge as you will be engaged in 4 groups of super-sets. If you’re not too familiar with super-sets, the idea is to do two exercises back to back before you have a rest. The great thing about the super-set is that it will give you a really intense burn and have you shred through the fat that covers your mid-section and anywhere else you’re storing that junk!

You’re going to do each group 3 times, and you want to aim for 12 repetitions of each exercise (the number of repetitions is high to focus this workout on defining and toning). After you do one group of exercises take 60 seconds to rest and then repeat.

Group 1:

Ab Rollout with wheel or on stability ball (view image)
Plank on stability ball (view image)

Group 2:

Dumbbell step ups (view image)
Reverse lunge with dumbbells (view image)

Group 3:

Chin-ups underhand grip – as many as you can (view image)
Cable crossovers (view image)

Group 4:

Deadlift with dumbbells (view image)
Shoulder press with dumbbells (view image)

Supplements for Fast Abs

You may want to take this workout to the next level and if you are aiming to get fast abs then some of these supplements have the best research and testimonials to back them up:

Carb and Fat Inhibitor: (Try NOW Green Tea Extract)
Energy Booster: (Try USPLabs Jack3d)
Fat Burner: (Try Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix)
Lean Protein Powder: (Try Optimum 100% Natural Casein)
Stress & Fatigue Fighter: (Try Scivation Xtend)

Fast Abs Workout: Conclusion

You’ve got a killer fast abs workout here and you can do this two to three times a week especially when you’re short on time. If you want to stack it with a cardio routine try adding my Ultimate Treadmill Workout either right after this or on a day between this workout.

Stay determined and keep pushing through harder at each session so you can begin to turn heads next time you’re at the beach and get that goal you have always wanted to achieve. Remember diet is another part of this equation so I will be providing a blueprint for both you women and men to follow, stay tuned this website!

Have any questions or comments about the fast abs workout? Please leave a comment below…