Summer Water Workout in 8 Moves

Working Out with Water!

Looking for a fun and effective new workout this summer? Check out this simple water workout to keep you fit and toned.

Summer is probably the best time to stay active and fit, and if you can combine it with a little fun, you’re doing even better. Water is especially effective when it comes to fitness, because it automatically provides some resistance. So even without adding weight of any kind, you can condition your muscles and burn fat, all while staying cool.

If you have an injury of any kind, or are currently going through a rehabilitation, then aquatic fitness is the ideal choice. It removes the impact, and is much easier on your joints.

This water workout can be done in just 15 minutes. All you need is a pool, so hit your local community center, your gym, or your backyard. The only pieces of equipment you’ll need are a bathing suit and a pool noodle.

The 15-Minute Water Workout

This aquatic workout will make use of both shallow and slightly deeper waters, but you can make things work no matter the size of depth of the pool. Of course you can easily combine it with your regular pool workout, and build on it as you see fit.

Cycle through these 8 moves, resting for no more than 15 seconds in between, and repeat as desired.

1. Spiderman Climb

Stand in the water at the edge of the pool, stabilizing your upper body as you move your arms back and forth. Your feet should be off the bottom to start, to really engage your upper body. Keeping yourself in position, run your feet up the side of the pool, then back down again. Repeat 4 times for a total of 5 reps. Perform 2 sets.

2. Pool Plank

Get in the shallow end, and grab a pool noodle. Grip it with both hands and extend your legs and feet straight behind you as you balance the top of your toes against the pool floor. The goal is to make a straight line with your neck, back, hips, and legs as you balance on the noodle, holding your head above water. Hold here for 1 minute, rest, and repeat twice.

3. Cross-Current Cardio

This one is pretty simple, but it’s a great workout. You want to do this one in no more than 5 feet of water. Simply run in the water in a series of circles and zig-zag patterns, with the goal of creating currents to run against. Do this for 2 minutes.

4. Leg Balance

Grab your pool noodle again, and standing in the water, step onto it with one foot. The goal here is to hold your knee bent at a 90-degree angle in a stepping position. Straighten your back, engage your core muscles, and hold here for 30 seconds before switching to the opposite leg. Alternate for 2 minutes.

5. Fly Backs

Stand in the shallow end in a lunge position, with one leg bent and the other extended behind you. Spread your arms out to the sides with your chest open, and move them in a back-and-forth motion (from front to back) using broad sweeping movements. Perform 2 sets of 10-12 reps each.

6. Lateral Raises

In the same position as the last move, you’re going to bring your arms up overhead (completely out of the water) and then back down again to your sides (under the water). Do this in a very controlled way for 8 reps. Perform 2 sets.

7. Pool Noodle Run

Straddle a pool noodle, and get into slightly deeper water as you move your legs in a cycling motion. The goal is to move around the pool as fast as you can. Do this for 1 full minute.

8. Combination Short Laps

You’re going to finish off this water workout with a few short laps. Rather than swimming the pool length-wise, I want you to do 3 short laps from one side to the other, perpendicular to the direction you would normally swim. You’re going to do one short lap of normal front crawl, one lap of back stroke, and one lap of butterfly stroke. Any combination is fine really. This is a great way to finish things up and burn some more calories.

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