Flat Abs Fast

What does it take to get sexy, toned, flat abs fast?

The short answer: A combination of hard work, cardiovascular exercise, targeted and full-body weight training, and a fat-busting diet.

And here’s the long answer…

Getting flat abs fast really does take a lot of dedication and hard work. There’s really no way around it. There’s no magic pill, and there’s no single ab exercise or workout that will do the trick.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t speed things up significantly. Getting flat abs fast is totally possible, but you need to approach things from multiple angles.

1st Principle of Flat Abs Fast – Eat Healthy, Really Healthy!

Diet is really half the effort. Getting flat abs really requires that you restrict your intake of fat, reduce your carbohydrates, and drop the excess sugar. Otherwise all of your hard work at the gym will never show!

But healthy eating isn’t all about “removing” items from your diet. There are also some great additions to that will boost your metabolism and get you burning a lot more fat and calories! Here are a few ideas…

  • Healthy fats like those found in NOW Ultra Omega-3 Heart & Cognition will give your metabolism a major boost and help redistribute fat away from your waistline.
  • Thermogenic fat burner such as Signature Thermogenic which includes a powerful combination of Green Tea, Yohimbe Bark, and Cayenne to burn that fat fast.
  • Vitamin D, like this Signature Vitamin D3 with bone and immunity support  supplement, has been shown by researchers to improve weight loss efforts by up to 50%.
  • Magic Matcha Green Tea is one of the best natural metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants, without the jitters that come with coffee and has a very nice gentle taste.
  • And for those looking for something a little more serious, try the revolutionary 7-Keto LeanGels, full of naturally occurring fat-burning ingredients!

2nd Principle of Flat Abs Fast – Work Up a Sweat

I’m not completely against fitness programs which exclude cardiovascular exercise from their workout routines. However, these programs are a bit deceiving! In fact, they improve cardiovascular fitness by other means, particularly more dynamic, high intensity exercises that combine cardio and weights.

So the first step in getting flat abs fast is to move your body and work up a sweat. Whether you run outside, use cardio machines at the gym, or engage in more dynamic high intensity interval training (HIIT), you need to maximize your daily calories burn.

This is because your ab muscles are often hidden behind that pesky belly fat. You need to show them off, so you need to remove the fat that’s on top of them.

One easy at-home solution for working up a sweat is this High Quality Jump Rope. It can be a great way to jumpstart your day (and your metabolism)!

3rd Principle of Flat Abs Fast – Focus on Resistance Training

Resistance training should be your primary focus when you’re trying to get flat abs fast. Resistance training, or weight training, not only improves your overall physique, but it also has a lasting impression on your resting metabolic rate. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more fat and calories you’ll burn on a regular basis.

The best approach is one that works your whole body. Focusing only on your ab muscles will have a far weaker impact on your metabolism (because they’re a small muscle group), and you won’t have the same improvements to your overall appearance and strength.

Generally speaking, hitting the weights 4-5 days a week should be sufficient. As for your ab muscles, you can go in 1 of 2 directions.

Either dedicate 1-2 days for full ab and core workouts, or exercise your ab muscles for about 10 minutes before every workout. Just make sure they’re getting some rest and recovery time too.

And don’t forget to follow up all of your workouts with a protein shake using a time release protein powder like Optimum 100% Casein Protein or Combat Powder. This will ensure your muscles and metabolism and fueled throughout the rest of your day.

Have any questions or feedback about getting flat abs fast? Please leave a comment below…

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