Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated!

The key to long term weight loss and fitness success is motivation. Not only do you need to get motivated, but you need to stay motivated – and staying motivated over time is no easy task.

But I’m here to help. Through my years of experience as a personal trainer, I’ve learned what it takes to get motivated and stay motivated. These are my absolute best motivation strategies.

If you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been at it for a while, these tips and tricks will help keep you moving!

Remember, no matter where you’re at, success is always within reach. It just takes a little will power and the right approach.

How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated – 10 Easy Tips

1. Stop Waiting for Motivation – Motivation isn’t something that just drops from the sky. Before you try anything else, you need to recognize that motivation is created. Something as simple as telling yourself to get up and get moving can do the trick. If you sit around and wait for motivation to hit you, you might be waiting a long time.

2. Make an Agreement with Yourself – It may sound silly, but making an agreement or signing a contract with yourself can be a great way to stay on track with your goals. Be specific, come up with realistic goals, and write things down! Then post your plan where you can see it on a daily basis.

3. Track Your Progress – This is one of the best motivation tips out there. Keeping track of your efforts allows you to look back and review your progress on a regular basis. Nothing is more motivating than seeing things on paper! If you’re looking for an effective tool for tracking your fitness progress, I recommend the Fitlosophy Fitbook.

4. Get Specific – When you track your progress, you need to get specific. This means weighing yourself weekly, taking measurements of key body parts, and even taking pictures. All of these things can help you really see your progress.

5. Focus on Short Term Goals – You definitely need some sort of long term goal to work towards, but focusing on this will quickly lead to frustration. Break down your long term goal into a series of smaller, short term goals. This will make you feel like you’re actually accomplishing something!

6. Exercise in the Morning – Exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to avoid making excuses for yourself! If you do it when you first wake up, you won’t even have the opportunity to procrastinate! For an quick intense morning workout, give this LCD Digital Jump Rope a try.

7. Get the Right Support – Support is a necessary component to weight loss and fitness success. But something as simple as hanging out with like-minded people can help keep you on track. So choose your friends wisely!

8. Get a Personal Trainer – If your support is lacking, or if you feel like you need to be held accountable to someone other than yourself, then a personal trainer might do the trick. Trainers are experts at getting you motivated and keeping you in the right mindset!

9. Tell People – Another easy way to create accountability is to tell people about your fitness goals and efforts. By telling others, you’ll feel some responsibility and pressure to see things through.

10. Reward Yourself – Finally, you should reward yourself on a regular basis. Whether it’s small rewards for meeting weekly goals or big rewards for hitting milestones, rewards can help you stay on track and relieve some of the stress associated with losing weight and working out.

Have any questions or feedback about how to get motivated and stay motivated? Please leave a comment below…