rest between sets

How Much Rest Should You Get Between Sets?

A lot of people who work out take breaks between sets that are way too long. It is understandable if you have to share machines or if you are working out with a workout partner, but if you are alone and have a machine all to yourself, you should be taking shorter breaks.

Most people take too long between sets, and it definitely shows with their lack of progress…

One of the main goals of working out is to out stress on your body. Your muscles will not grow if they are not damaged and don’t get a sufficient workout.

When you take breaks that are too long, this is what happens – you don’t out enough pressure on your muscles and you don’t make the progress you want to. It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take – if you don’t tax your muscles, they wont get any bigger!

Also, working out faster with shorter breaks can have other benefits as well.

First, you can get your workout done faster, which is always good. You can also increase your heart rate, which is good for building endurance and burning body fat. Finally, you can keep a more intense pace that will keep you focused on your workout and will give you a satisfied feeling when you are done.

The amount of rest you get between sets of workouts entirely depends on what your goals are.

If you are working out to lose fat and want to integrate some cardiovascular endurance building in your workouts, you should take as short a break between sets as possible to make your workout resemble a circuit training routine.

If you are going for maximum strength or any other goals, you can afford to take more breaks between your sets. But, whatever you do, don’t become one of those people who do 10 reps then take a 5 minute break!