hot yoga etiquette

Hot Yoga Etiquette

Hot yoga is one of the fastest growing fitness crazes I’ve seen in recent years. And it’s for good reason. This sweat-dripping, power-stretching, muscle-toning approach to yoga burns a ton of calories and is a great way to detox.

But all that sweat and hot air can result in a lot of discomfort, which is why it’s even more important to think of those around you. In this article, I’m going to outline the best etiquette for hot yoga. Gym etiquette is always important, whether you’re in the weight room or a fitness class.

Let’s get right to it…

Hot Yoga Etiquette: 7 Simple Rules

1. Arrive 15 Minutes Early – Not only is this an easy way to relax and clear your mind before class, but it also prevents delaying the class and making any interruptions. Arrive early, grab a spot, and get ready to sweat!

2. Keep Water on Hand – There’s nothing more annoying than people getting up to use the water fountain during yoga. The concentration and balance required for many of the poses doesn’t really allow for too much commotion. Have water with you so you can stay in one spot!

3. Keep a Towel (or 2) Close – The same applies to towels. Keeping everything within arm’s reach is an easy way to respect those around you – especially during a hot and crowded class!

4. Avoid Perfumes and Colognes – This is pretty standard gym etiquette, but it’s important to keep in mind that many people have sensitivities (or even allergies) to many perfumes and colognes. And when you’re sweating up a storm in a crowded room, those manufactured fragrances can ruin any good hot yoga routine.

5. But Wear Some Deodorant – That being said, there’s nothing wrong with wearing some deodorant to class. In fact, it’s a good idea – especially when the goal is to sweat more. Just keep it light and fresh.

6. Leave Your Cell Phone in Your Locker – It might sound obvious, but I’ve seen it happen. Leave your cell phone in your locker where it belongs, and help maintain the calm yoga setting that everyone expects.

7. Don’t Make it a Competition – Not only is competition contrary to yoga philosophy, but it also makes for an annoying yoga class. I’ve seen so many people walk in and spend the entire class trying to out-bend and out-stretch the person next to them. Besides the grunting and groaning that results, it’s also a total distraction to the people around you. Stay focused, and stay engaged with your own goals and fitness level.

Staying Mindful of Gym Etiquette…

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