Eliminate Lower Belly Pooch

Eliminate Lower Belly Pooch

Have a pesky lower belly pooch that you can’t seem to get rid of? In this article, I’m going to outline 3 major steps to eliminate lower belly fat and finally see a more toned and fit you!

Belly fat is one of the biggest problems I hear from my clients. Unfortunately, most of us gain weight around out abdomen before anywhere else. And once it’s there, it can be difficult to get rid of.

What makes that lower belly pooch even more frustrating is that it’s pretty much impossible to spot train. What I mean by that is that you can’t go to the gym and do exercises that burn belly fat alone. It just doesn’t work that way. Instead, you need to work out your entire body and boost your metabolism overall, and that will in turn result in more belly fat burned.

Here’s how to do it…

3 Steps to Eliminate Lower Belly Pooch

1. Work Out Your Whole Body

Before you do anything else, you need to start moving your body and getting more exercise. The number one way to burn that lower belly fat is to engage in a more frequent exercise plan.

You should be incorporating both cardiovascular exercise, which will burn calories and fat on the spot, and weight training, which will boost your metabolism over the long term by increasing lean muscle mass. This two-pronged approach will help you shed the fat, including your lower belly pooch!

2. Tone Your Lower Abs

The next thing you need to do to eliminate your lower belly pooch is to tone your lower abs. Although you can’t target your fat-burning efforts, you can condition and strengthen your lower abdominal muscles, which will make your waistline and lower belly appear tighter and firmer. This is one of the best ways to get rid of that annoying pooch look.

To get started, try my Best Lower Abs Workout, which totally hones in on your lower abs. Tighten things up and you’ll notice a huge difference!

You might also find this Yoga Abs Workout useful, which will condition your lower ab muscles in a slightly different way. You need every strategy you can find!

3. Adopt a Fat-Burning Diet

Last but not least, you need to change your diet to eliminate that lower belly pooch. Diet is about 50% of the problem – and the solution. First, you need to cut out all the bad stuff. That means no trans or saturated fats, less added sugar, and healthy carbs only (like quinoa and whole grain rice). If you can, I also recommend reducing your carb intake to about 3 servings a day (1 serving = 1 slice of bread). This will have a major impact on your lower belly fat.

Next, you need to eat foods that boost your metabolism and getting your body burning more calories and fat. There are a ton of foods out there that can do this, but one easy solution is omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, research has shown that omega-3s actually redistribute fat away from your waistline! For daily support (and less lower belly fat!), try these Optimum Fish Oil Softgels.

To do it right, I’m directing you to my Six Pack Abs Diet Plan. This diet plan is ideal for eliminating lower belly pooch and getting more toned and fit!

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