Muscle Building Workout Routines

Muscle Building Workout Routines

There’s no doubt about it. Building real muscle mass requires solid muscle building workout routines. So to help you get into killer shape, I’m going to review some of my best routines for making some serious gains at the gym.

Before I get to the routines, here are some key points to keep in mind when planning your workout schedule:

  • Make sure you hit every major muscle group at least once a week. If you only have a couple days, aim for full body workouts or upper/lower body splits.
  • Work out according to your fitness level and goals. If you want to lean out and burn fat, go with workouts that hit a number of muscles at a time. If you want to pack on the mass and size, try to have more focused workout routines that target specific muscle groups.
  • Add variety whenever you can. Changing things up on a regular basis is an easy way to keep seeing results and avoid hitting plateaus!

Now let’s look at some killer muscle building workout routines…

Muscle Building Workout Routines

Total Body Workout – This total body workout is great for hitting every major muscle group in one single routine. It combines hard-hitting compound exercises with focused exercises to give you a powerful muscle building punch. You should be able to complete this one in about 40 minutes or less. If you like full body workouts, aim for doing this one 3 days a week, with one rest day in between.

Click here for this muscle building workout routine – TOTAL BODY WORKOUT

Best Results Ab Workout – Need to focus on building your abdominal and core muscles? Then this is the workout routine for you. With a total of 9 intense abdominal exercises, you’ll notice major gains in very little time. Plus I’ve thrown in a cardio component to help those ab muscles show through!

Click here for this muscle building workout routine – BEST RESULTS AB WORKOUT

Lower Body Workout – Legs are one of the most neglected muscle groups around, despite the fact that your legs consist of a number of large muscle groups that individually carry a lot of weight. They’re big muscles, and that means they not only have a bigger visual impact, but they’re also going to boost your metabolism more than other muscle groups.

Check out my best lower body workout routines – LOWER BODY WORKOUT FOR WOMEN and LOWER BODY WORKOUT FOR MEN

Spartacus Workout – Looking for a more intense and focused muscle building routine? Then you need to try my Spartacus workout. With a 6-day per week commitment, this one will give you serious results when it comes to building lean muscle mass.

Click here for this muscle building workout routine – SPARTACUS WORKOUT

Megan Fox Workout – This workout routine is a 4-day plan designed specifically for women. It’s one of the best lean muscle building workouts you can find, with an upper/lower body split and a focused ab and core workout day.

Click here for this muscle building workout routine – MEGAN FOX WORKOUT

All of these muscle building workout routines will give you serious results in no time! If you’re looking for more focused routines, here are a few more to choose from:

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