ripped abs

The Secret to Ripped Abs

Before reading this article you may want to take a quick read of The Master Cleanse. In 2 minutes of reading, it’ll set up a foundation of knowledge when it comes to the foods that should be filling your fridge and cupboards.

Here’s a golden tip… If you’re not sure if an ingredient is artificial, a dead giveaway is something that you can’t pronounce, or has the words “high fructose corn syrup”. These are your worst enemies when it comes to weight loss as they mess around with your body’s digestive processes and cause you to store sugars as fats rather than process them for energy. And you know what that means right? Your abs will not pop out because they will have a layer of fat covering them!

So let’s take this diet rule and stick to it. But we can also amplify this with the following lesson… To have your abs show you really need to have a low body fat percentage. It’s not only the amount of ab crunches you do because you may have built some great abdominal muscles but they are being covered by the fat. Now don’t take that into meaning that you should never work on your abs and core muscles. You use your abs in almost every exercise so it’s a great idea to keep working on new techniques to strengthen your core muscles (which will also prevent or even remove back pain all together). [ad#ad-2]

The real key is to mix up your cardio with high intensity bursts. By this I mean, if you are in your jog for 5 minutes, throw in a 30 second sprint and go back to jogging again. What this does is it fires up your metabolism to burn more and more calories even after you have finished your jog.

In fact, I recommend you do a shorter jog and include as many sprints in there as you can. If you look at the body of a sprinter compared to the body of a long distance runner you will see what I mean. The long distance runner will be skinny and lean but with almost no definition in their muscles. On the other hand the sprinters have so much definition in their muscles it looks like they are lifting weight all the time!

Just one thing to remember, always make sure you are adequately warmed up before doing anything high intensity. Warming up your muscles with the light jog for at least 5 minutes will allow your muscles and tendons time to adjust to the high intensity levels and prevent injury from happening. Try this out and let us know what kind of results you get by leaving comments below.