eat more lose weight

You read that right, the concept behind eating more and losing weight is to split up your meals into 5-6 smaller meals rather than 3 large meals or even 2 meals/day.

And yet, the biggest MISTAKE a lot of people make is they skip their breakfast because they think that starving themselves for a little longer will mean their body will burn more fat.

In fact, the opposite is true after your 8hour fasting period also known as sleep!

Bottom line is after sleep your body is looking for nutrients to replenish your muscles with protein, sugars and essential vitamins & minerals.
This not only for every day muscle function but especially true if you had any exercise the day before as your muscles have been trying to repair themselves over night and have utilized the stored proteins, sugars and vitamins/minerals.

Skipping breakfast means whatever meal your body gets next it will try and STORE as much of it as possible especially as fat. Skipping breakfast means you made your body believe it may not get another meal for an extended amount of time. So….DON’T skip breakfast!

Don’t know what to eat? Try these healthy breakfast ideas.