healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Hopefully by the time you have read this section you already know that your breakfast is truly your most important meal of the day. My sister would always skip breakfast when she was feeling out of shape because she thought that it would make her lose weight. In fact, this seems like a psychological trick you play on yourself which almost feels like it works. You feel that hunger pain, or feeling of emptiness and you ignore it. It’s almost like your brain acknowledges that you have been bad and it’s ok to punish your body by not feeding it first thing in the morning.

However, in reality your have already fasted for 8 hours during your sleep and it’s important….no make that critical that you keep your metabolism elevated by feeding it first thing. But this isn’t supposed to be an article about why you should eat breakfast, but some really healhty breakfast ideas, so let’s get right to it.

Toast My Honey Baby
One Slice Toast (100% whole wheat grains or flax seed)
One Tablespoon organic butter
One Tablespoon Honey
One Cup Skim Milk or Tea

Toast the bread, smother the organic butter on top and quickly add the honey before the butter has melted!

Yum, this is definitely one of my favorite breakfast ideas! It seems to be one I don’t get tired of, and it is quite balanced with fiber, protein, carbs, and fat. Plus there are many health benefits that real honey has been proven to provide so give it a try!

The Egg and Cheddar Beat
One Tablespoon organic butter
One Whole egg
1/4 Cup Egg White
One Scallion Finely Chopped
Two Thin Slices Low Fat Cheddar Cheese
One Flaxseed Wrap
One Cup Skim Milk/Tea/Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

On a non-stick pan throw on half a table spoon organic butter and quickly after it has melted throw on the eggs and scallions. Cook as you like. Put two thin slices of low fat cheddar cheese on the flaxseed wrap and put into a toaster until the cheese melts. Place eggs on wrap and serve. You can add fresh salsa or up to two tablespoons organic ketchup for some extra flavour.

Good Ole Cereal:
1/4 Cup of your favorite cereal (try and only buy cereal that has at least 3 or 4 grams of Fiber)
1/4 Cup of plain Oats (same as that for oatmeal)
1/2 Banana
1 Cup Skim Milk

For those on the go or in a hurry this is a no-brainer!