burn fat now

Burn fat now! Ways to Increase Metabolism

Many of you have come to me asking what the best way to burn calories and see immediate results is. And my question to you is always, “What’s the first thing you are doing in the morning?”

If you can optimize your morning routine, you will see results immediately. And by immediately I mean by noon of that day if you are waking up at 8am.

Your morning routine should always consist of you drinking lots of water and having a healthy breakfast. Your body has been fasting for several hours (hopefully between 7-8) and the quicker you hydrate your body with water, the better you will feel. Water will help eliminate waste products that have culminated in your body, and therefore allow your muscles to get replenished with nutrients quicker. The result is less PAIN! That’s right, less pain! Hydrated muscle tissues will recover quicker and ease the tension in your body. Pay attention to it and see what I mean.

If you are susceptible to headaches, you will most likely see an incredible change here as well! I used to get headaches almost daily and had to resort to ibuprofen to ease the often debilitating pain. After taking them for several years, my body adapted to the pain medication meaning that there would be no effect unless I took 3 and sometimes 4 pills! Trust me on this, you don’t want your body getting used to ibuprofen/aspirin and what have you, when you can simply resolve the issue with some extra water in the morning.
So start your morning with 1-2 full glasses of water.

Just try it for seven days and see the effects. At first it will be hard for you to adapt to it, but gradually your body will accept it and you won’t be able to pass it up!

Ok so I have to admit, I went off on a tangent with water, but it simply is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective things to do in the morning to make you feel better. Breakfast is the next thing. Many of you have told me that you don’t have an appetite in the morning. And to be honest, I used to also be in the same boat. But you know what the trick is? If you aren’t hungry in the morning that means that you ate too close to bedtime the night before. Try and reduce what you eat at least one hour before bedtime. I usually like to have a fruit or something light to supply my body with some extra vitamins during the night.

Ok so here it is, you have now supplied your body with water and a light and healthy breakfast (see healthy breakfast ideas). You know what you have done? You have told your body that you are not going to starve it anymore, and that it doesn’t have to store everything it gets through the next few hours. You see, our body has been pre-programmed to store food in fat cells in case we can’t get food (yes, our historic ancestors had a rough time!). So after a night of fasting (during your sleep), giving your body food and water right away will ease the programming of our system and lets it know that it doesn’t have to store carbohydrates and fats for later. In essence, you have fired up your metabolism!

I hope this changed your perspective on your morning routine. If not, give it a valiant effort, and although it may take a week or two for your body to adapt, it will be a healthy habit that can last a life time. Please add your experiences below!