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Green Tea – Weight Loss Drink: Top Secret

One of the most natural and highly beneficial beverages for weight loss is Green Tea!

And I’m not talking about the bottled green tea which you get at a corner store that has a whole bunch of artificial ingredients added to it! Just natural green tea sold in tea bags. If you can get organic even better!

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green tea has been used in many weight loss products because of its ability to help promote fat loss by ramping up your metabolism.

Its high caffeine content increases body temperature and this leads to your body burning up fat calories and also removing excess water from your body (the water which usually gives that bloated look!).

But many of you don’t like the taste of green tea.

You’ve either only been exposed to green tea in Japanese restaurants or haven’t really given it a chance in the grocery store.

Now there are two solutions. I recommend this first one, which is take a look next time you go shopping and you’ll notice that you can get many flavours of green tea. From pomegranate to peach, to chai and mint (which is great iced).

One of the brands I recommend is Stash Tea, and they have an awesome one that is Ginger Peach flavoured. Here is the link to Amazon – Stash Premium Ginger Peach Green Tea Bags

Try and have two to three cups throughout the day especially in the morning when you’re at work. It will help you keep your nerves in check and also provide you with some extra energy to burn.

Green Tea Weight Loss Extract:

But if you prefer water and would still like to get the benefits of green tea you can also get pure green tea extract supplements. Extremely affordable and very effective, here are some that I recommend:

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