Diet Pills advice

Should I Take Diet Pills?
You may be preparing for some beach time, or just want to get a kick start on losing weight so you look towards diet pills as a supplemental aid to get you in the right direction.

You may or may not agree with this statement for whatever reason you have been lead to believe by media and/or your physician.

Speaking from experience I don’t think all diet pills are really that bad. Although, I have come across pills that have made my heart race so fast I felt like I needed to catch my breath, there have also been ones that I have taken that have boosted me out of my lazy work station.

Many ask me where I get the motivation after sitting at my desk job for 8 hours. I’ll get to that in a bit, but keep reading… Hopefully you have had a chance to read my motivation article. It’s packed full of ideas that have always helped me.

Acknowledging Your Self Worth Before Taking Diet Pills
But really for me, it comes down to me wanting to be in the best shape of my life. If you look at the psychology behind people not getting their butts into the gym or doing some physical activity is that they simply don’t think they are worth it.

They don’t love themselves enough to always want to make themselves better.

Funny enough, you may call this narcissism but that’s a topic up for debate. I’ve been brought up with a wide eye to many people struggling around me in their social and economic well being. These people for the most part have gotten into relationships even though they don’t love themselves, and in turn don’t believe their partner should really love them either! You may want to read that sentence over again… But I digress…let’s get back to what this article is really about! Diet pills…

When Is The Best Time to Take A Diet Pill?
Ok so now we know the psychology behind why we get lazy and not go to the gym/jog/swim/etc. Other times, it’s just a little tough working several hours a day and then trying to find the energy to go be 100% at the gym.

On those days, diet pills can come in handy. So you may be asking, is that what diet pills were intended for? I thought you have to get on a 3 or 4 week cycle to really see diet pills work? That’s true, and that model can be applied to you wanting to prepare for the beach or some event. However, following that model as suggested by the products themselves has some potential disadvantages.

First of all, you may find that some days you just feel great and you don’t want or need any supplements. Why mess up those days with expensive pills you don’t need. Another, probably more serious disadvantage is that these pills have a tendency to create addiction.

For instance, at first the results will be quite dramatic, but by the second week you may find that the dosage is no longer giving any results making you want to take more. Then as you come off these pills you may find a quick and very unsatisfactory gain of unwanted weight. Thus, messing with your psyche and causing you to go back on them again.

Trust me on this one, even though you may not have an addictive personality coming off these pills will not be as easy as you think. (After reading over this article I forgot to mention one huge disadvantage. That is, that many if not all these diet pills can mess with your sleep. And that is one dangerous cycle to be in. You take the pills, get a great workout but then you have trouble falling asleep and you feel tired the next day, causing you to take the pills again and so on… Need I say more?)

Well at least now you have educated yourself by reading this article and you are now aware of the potential disadvantages. That can make all the difference in the world when it comes to moderation and balance in your life.

Minimizing Side Effects
Have I got you thinking about a lot of things? Let’s get back to the beginning when I mentioned one of the ways (a personal secret!)

After sitting behind a desk for 8 hours you may have little to no motivation to get your ass in the gym. On a rare occasion this could be a time to experiment with diet pills (read on for my warning).

The real function behind almost all diet pills is to increase your metabolism by acting as a stimulant. The usual side effect of this is also as an appetite suppressant (which I don’t think is the best thing, unless your appetite is only for junk food!). So take all this with a pinch of salt. By that I mean, don’t drink coffee or any caffeinated drink at any other time than right before your workout. This is a sure fire way of making sure that diet pill will be somewhat effective in giving you the boost you need. Did you get that? No coffee or caffeinated drinks at ANY other time!

One other rule that you have to stick by is to give your body a break from all stimulants every 3 or 4 weeks for at least a week (preferably 2!). This is probably the most challenging rule that even I constantly struggle with (hey, I never said I was perfect, and if you thought I was you probably wouldn’t be taking anything I say to heart anyway!).

Reasoning behind giving your body a break from all stimulants is to stop and prevent addiction. You will find that they lose their effect after several weeks anyway unless you keep upping your dosage, and I really don’t think you want to be taking 6 or 7 of these pills a day (can we say crack addict?).

Vacations can be a great time to get away from all these stimulants (chemicals) so make sure to keep your sanity and schedule vacations as often as you can (don’t we all wish we could take a week off every couple months?).

In the next article I look at the diet pills I have found success with and delve into some of the best sellers and take a close look at their ingredients. Diet Pills – Top 5

Let’s summarize the highlights of this article:

  • Diet pills don’t have to be as bad as media portrays them. We’re adults and can make educated decisions ourselves.
  • Make sure you understand the psychology of why you want to take diet pills in the first place. It’s only a boost, and it certainly won’t give you happiness!
  • Understand disadvantages such as addiction, weight gain as soon as you stop taking them, and disruption of sleep.
  • Don’t take any other stimulants at any other time of the day other than before your workout. This will ensure maximum effect.
  • Make sure to give your body a break from ALL stimulants for 1 or 2 weeks every month.