weight loss motivation

The most common question I get is “how do you stay motivated?” So here are some great tips on being successful in your goals:

– Set weekly goals.

– For extra motivation train with a partner or join a group.

– Swimming is an excellent way to get you started, switch things up a bit and to reduce impact on your body.

– Seek the advice of a certified fitness professional and make sure it’s someone you feel comfortable with.

– If you don’t get time to the gym one day or you are traveling you can do a heck of a lot at home with stability balls, resistance bands and videos

– In the beginning, aim for 3 exercise sessions/week with no more than two days rest in between. Increase duration of each session as your fitness level improves.
– Add a lot of variety into your workouts. If you find you are getting bored of running on the treadmill for 30mins, switch it up! Try 10mins run, 10mins eliptical trainer, 10mins stairmaster. For weight training, never do the same workout! Just mix it up as you go and make sure you challenge yourself.

– Start slowly and build up to fitness programs and better eating habits. Really enjoy that feeling you get after your workout. Try to relax, free yourself from stress and most importantly have fun!