boost immune system

Recently many around us are getting the flu, so what steps can we take to make sure we don’t get sick?

Let’s start with 8 hours sleep. Lack of a good deep sleep is one of the biggest culprits which weakens our immune system. Research indicates that tv right before bed isn’t the best idea because we are presented with so many different images and sounds that it keeps our brain actively processing all this info.

Instead try:
– Reading a book or even a health magazine for 15mins on the couch before you go to bed.
– Drinking chamomile or licorice caffeine free tea and listening to soothing music.
– Meditating (this is a good challenge to see if you can relax your mind)

The next step we can take is to make sure we are getting enough exercise and also allotting enough time for our bodies to recover from it.

Also, and perhaps most importantly is making sure we are getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diets, staying away from processes foods. Some good ideas to supplement your diet include multivitamins, omega 3’s, CLA, green tea or green tea extract, and vitamin C.

Immune System Boosters I Recommend:

Some other great tips:

  • Drinks lots and lots of water. Try and get at least 8 glasses a day especially if you are exercising.
  • Replace all processed foods with natural raw foods including vegetables and lean meats which you need to cook.
  • Eat yogurt with no artificial colours and sugars. Yogurt helps support the healthy natural bacteria environment in your body.
  • Don’t stress. Only you can control your stress levels and how you react to things.

Do you have any other tips to help boost immune system?