how to build 6 pack abs fast

How to Build 6 Pack Abs Fast

I know you hate to hear it and trust me it’s hard for even the most disciplined athletes to follow but building 6 pack abs fast really comes down to having a killer nutrition plan.

You may be exercising and working out a lot, but diet has a lot to do at dwindling down all your hard efforts so we need to take a closer more detailed look at your diet, and eliminate those hidden bandits.

In the end you have to remember that the hard work will pay off and people will be making comments about how good you look, this feeling is PRICELESS. A quote we got to live with – “You are what you eat”!

Let’s dig in with 5 powerful tips on How to Build 6 Pack Abs Fast…

1. How to Build 6 Pack Abs Fast: Eliminate Processed Foods

We know we got to cut out the processed foods but let’s shed some more light on why:

  • They contain far too many fillers and that translates to extra fat, simply because your body does not recognize those foreign substances and therefore harbors them as harmful toxins or fat.
  • Since they are convenience foods and need to last for longer periods of time, they are loaded with preservatives.
  • Some of the worst offenders are: Fast food restaurants (burgers, milkshakes and fries), Chips, Canned foods, Sodas etc.
  • These foods almost always are extremely high in fat, sugar and sodium, and lack essential minerals and vitamins, as well as protein and fiber.

Instead you want to substitute with natural unprocessed foods like fruit, veggies, lean meats, beans, legumes, and whole grains.  Try my essential shopping lists:

2. How to Build 6 Pack Abs Fast: Eliminate Muffin Top-Fatty Foods

There is a big misconception in this area in terms of all fats are bad for you. The truth of the matter is that it’s more about the quality and quantity of fats that you choose.

Bad fats are saturated or poly-unsaturated because they are more difficult to break down in the body and instead become stored

Some high fat content contenders that really wreck havoc when trying to attain those washboard abs are: High fat dairy products (cheese, full-fat milk, sour cream etc) or poly-unsaturated fats found in cookies and most processed baked goods.

Since bad fats cause high cholesterol and high blood pressure, the body is thrown out of balance, leading it to no longer able to keep up with the processing of these substances. Some nutritionists believe that another problem they hold is that they are more acidic in nature and the body needs a balance to function at its best.

Instead make sure to get your fats from lean meats, nuts, low-fat dairy and of course an Omega 3 fish oil supplement like AllMax Nutrition Omega 3 or Health Wellness Fish Oil.

3. How to Build 6 Pack Abs Fast: Eliminate Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks can be extremely deceiving because they add an incredible amount of calories in liquid format so it is very easy to make a dent in your 6 pack abs efforts.

The worst part of alcohol is that it slows down your metabolism and that means that you are much more likely to store any foods you eat as fat.

To top it off alcohol impairs brain functioning, so you aren’t choosing healthy foods and instead are filling up fatty junk foods.

If you can’t keep it down to one glass of wine a night then just forgo it all together and instead substitute with refreshing club soda with lime and mint leaves.

4. How to Build 6 Pack Abs Fast: Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is particularly a hard one to reduce as many people associate sugary foods as a comfort food. The reality is that you are not alone if you regularly try to soothe bad emotions with a tub of ice cream or pastries.

But, if you want results you need to man up and strengthen your will-power, I’ve seen the weakest be able to conquer this so I know you can as well. Besides you need to learn to deal with negative emotions so they do not resurface later on in life, setting you back again.

Sugary foods contain many simple carbohydrates and again lacking protein and fiber.

To curb sweet cravings reach for fruit (dried or raw), its low calorie (careful of dried fruit as it does contain double the calories of raw) and is nutrient dense. You may also find that a chocolate milk protein smoothie made with Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion will really cut your cravings all together and be the equivalent in calories as two oranges.

5. How to Build 6 Pack Abs Fast: Reduce Salt Intake

Salt is horrible for preventing you from attaining that sculpted look, mainly because it retains fluid in the body. This in turn creates bloating and takes away the sexy toned look.

The water retention leads to weight gain and high blood pressure which not only leads to ruining your abs, but your general health as well.

Watch out for tomato based sauces, soups, pickled foods and of course chips, pretzels and salted nuts as these are the worst of the worst when it comes to excessive sodium content.

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