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What Does it Take to Succeed with Weight Loss?

What makes someone have the ability to succeed with their weight loss goals for life, and what causes failure for others? That is the question health and sports psychologists are continuing to research and explore even today.

So have you asked yourself what is holding you back? Last week in my article Weight Loss Tips: Goal Setting I talked about this extensively and went deep into motivation and goal setting, but I believe that everyone is different and what’s holding you back may be completely different from someone else.

So let’s get into the psychology a little deeper…

Weight Loss Tips: Belief

I want to paint a picture that you can reference and hopefully connect with at some level. Sports psychologists know very well that athletes who have the most belief in their ability to succeed are the ones who perform better and in fact win the gold medals. Not allowing themselves even a split second of doubt or a hundredth of a second to slow down in any way is what pushes them over the edge to completely annihilate their competition.

This is interesting isn’t it? If only us ordinary people could have that much determination and belief, how much could we succeed not only with our fat loss efforts but also in every other aspect of our lives. So where do we start to achieve such determination?

Well the factors which are holding us back includes the voice in our head, however disguised it may be, that “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve it”. This is what kills our healthy eating and exercising plan. No matter how clear your goals are, this is the voice we need to kill. We need to replace it with the positive affirmation voice.

Sounds cheesy? Yes, I know, but maybe we aren’t as complicated as we think to be! The laws of physics at the quantum level dictate this and are what have made the two hits “What the Bleep do We Know?” and “The Secret” so fascinating and revealing.

In other words, if we work harder at changing our psychology to focus on the positive and on the now, “what positive health choices you made today” then the universe will only nourish this and give you even more positivity.

So here is where the challenge arises, and I’ll be honest, from my experience even the most accomplished and successful in the health industry are always focused on overcoming these challenges.

Weight Loss Tips: Psychology to Success Conclusion

The above mentioned is such a deep rabbit hole, and it will take you a ton of energy to put in place. The point is that you take responsibility, you work on eliminating your self-doubt and focus on the positive every single day, or every single hour, or actually every single minute. Starting from a place of being grateful for what you have is a good angle and then reminding yourself of your accomplishments. It’s not going to be easy but knowing that you are not alone in this challenge and asking your friends and family to also help you change the paradigm to brightness is what will make the difference.

What will you do, or already do every day to make sure you have the psychology to succeed? Leaving a comment below will solidify this success…