3 Easy Tips to Less Fat & More Muscle in 5 Days

3 Easy Tips to Less Fat & More Muscle in 5 Days

Recently I’ve stumbled across 3 pretty cool tips that have helped my clients and I lose fat and gain muscle really quickly…actually in as quick as 5 days! I couldn’t wait to share this with you because they are simply so easy to implement.

One thing before I get into this, you will see best results with this if you are making at least some effort in cutting back on the processed and junk foods you are eating. The problem with processed and junk foods is that they are quintessentially less nutrient rich than raw natural foods like fruit, veggies, and even fresh lean meats like fish. Replace at least one processed food each day with one fresh natural food and these tips will be amplified considerably.

Do I have your interest? Now on to to the 3 easy tips…

Less Fat & More Muscle Easy Tip #1

I’ll start with the best one, because it’s pretty awesome. Hopefully it’s obvious from reading any of my article that whey protein powder smoothies are a no-brainer when it comes to your efforts with increasing your muscle mass and reducing your body fat levels by reducing your appetite for junk food.

But what if you are really trying to watch your calorie intake or even have the slightest sensitivity to lactose (milk products) and want to try something else?

Well, I recently have been experimenting with branch chained amino acids (aka BCAA’s). And was absolutely blown away with the difference it was making for fat loss and muscle production.

BCAA’s provide our muscles with the amino acids they need to recover and grow (similar to whey protein). In fact BCAA’s compose about 35% of your total muscle mass and are essential for any muscle growth to occur, especially if you are exercising.

Over the past few years I had heard a lot of about a specific product which had one a number of awards (Glutamine Supplement of the Year 2008, Recovery Supplement of the Year 2009), it is called Scivation Xtend. The cool thing about this product is that it comes in some really tasty flavours (Apple, Raspberry, Grape, Lemonade, Orange & my favorite Watermelon), but it is also zero calories! Mix it with some water, ice and even some fresh berries and garnish with a fresh mint and you have one killer low calorie muscle producing drink that is good for you in so many different ways. Here is the link for the lowest price and my most trusted source – Scivation Xtend at BodyBuilding.com.

Less Fat & More Muscle Easy Tip #2

Green tea is another great drink to help you reduce your body fat and it has the added benefits of anti-oxidants which help fight damage by free radicals from our environment. Unfortunately, green tea also has caffeine and can disrupt your sleep if you have it late in the evening. So what’s the next best alternative?

Water sounds boring doesn’t it? I know, I’m definitely in the same boat as you! But what if we super-power our water. This is pretty easy. Try making a liter pitcher of water with fresh juice of half a lime, and throw in some slices of fresh cucumber. Now we have the antioxidant benefit of Vitamin C from the lime and cucumber plus some other vitamins and minerals which can help with the digestion of our food as we sleep.

How else is this beneficial? Water helps curb night cravings and is extremely important to help flush out all the toxins in our body and keep our muscles fully nourished. This ultimately equates to less fat. Not convinced? Try it for 5 days in a row and you’ll be surprised!

Less Fat & More Muscle Easy Tip #3

If you find that you are tired a lot and have some weight gain that you can’t rid of then it is possible that you have a thyroid hormone deficiency (aka Hypothyroidism). Although statistically 3% of the general population has this condition it is something that researchers are finding to become more and more common, likely cause from environmental pollution. So, how can we make sure our body has optimal thyroid support?

This is a significant one. Vitamin B’s are especially important for the enzyme that make thyroid hormone and what’s more fascinating is that these vitamins are also involved in the metabolism of every cell in the body (affecting DNA synthesis and regulation). In this scenario Vitamin B12 is the most important, and we can find it only in foods that come from animals including fish, meat and poultry. This makes it especially a concern for vegetarians, but even for people who eat meat, one breast of chicken only contains 6% of one’s daily requirements.

So Vitamin B’s help not only with our thyroid, but also with fat burning and even for muscle production and I’ve found supplementing with it has particularly increased my energy levels, reduced body fat and increased muscle tone. The one I like the most is from NOW Nutrition, here is the link – NOW Vitamin B-12.

3 Easy Tips to Less Fat & More Muscle in 5 Days: Conclusion

Try combining these 3 tips together along with the replacement of one processed food with a fresh raw natural fruit or vegetable in watch the results you get in as quick as 5 days. I’ll be quite surprised if you aren’t as impressed as my clients and I am, but I’d love to continue hearing your feedback on this. Have any questions or feedback? Please leave a comment below…