Top 9 Rules of Gym Etiquette

It’s Sexy When You Train Like a Pro

We’ve all been a newbie at some point and although you may not be one it’s good to have a reminder on what etiquette we should all be getting in the habit of when working out at the gym this year.

And of course, please share this article with everyone you know…the more people are aware of this common etiquette the better experience it is for all of us, right?

So here are the top 9 rules of gym etiquette that will make it seem like you’re a total pro and people will be impressed by your awesome good graces:

Rule #1 – Smell Good, But Not Too Good!

If you’re going to be working out hard, then you’re going to sweat. And if that’s the case, you’re going to need to remember the first rule of middle school gym class—use your deodorant. No one wants to work out in close quarters with someone who stinks.

Yes, you’re going to sweat and with that usually comes undetectable-to-you-body-odor so just use a deodorant and don’t overdo it with any other body sprays or perfumes as those can be nauseating too.

Rule #2 – Workout Towels Are Your Best Friend

Besides deodorant, the most important piece of gear you can carry with you is a towel. The least sexy thing in the world is when you see someone sweat buckets on a machine and not clean it up after they leave it – show your respect and you might be surprised by the good energy coming back to you from all sides of the gym.

Rule #3 – Don’t Hog It, Go Intense Instead

During peak-hours at the gym the rule is to stick to once piece of equipment at a time. If you want intensity and variation use shorter rest periods (30 seconds maximum) and go for high reps with less weight or low reps with greater weight. That’s what the pros do anyway!

Rule #4 – Smart Phones Are for Music Only

Yes, we all know you are a busy important person but respect for people around you is incredibly admirable and your phone should only be used for music and music alone. If you’re texting or looking at websites then you’re waiting your time at the gym and are not truly focused on getting the results you want.

Rule #5 – Weights Belong on the Racks

You wouldn’t be happy if your partner/dog/kid left his crap everywhere and left so why would it be ok to do so at the gym. Put the weights and any equipment back where you found it and next time you may notice your gym staff helping you out with your membership renewal in a good way!

Rule #6 – Respect the Mirrors

Mirrors in gyms are not meant to show you how hot you look! They’re for checking your form, especially when you don’t have a trainer to help you check your form. And when someone is working out in front of a mirror make sure that if you pass them you pass them quickly, it’s mad rude when you stand right in front of them and do your thing (it’ll also save a dumbbell flying at your head, you’re welcome!).

Rule #7 – The Gym = Workout, Tinder = Dating

Sure, it’s pretty sexy when you see someone totally focused on their intense workout, but in no way is it ok to stare at them endlessly and even approach them out of nowhere for a date, NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Tinder was made for a reason, use it!

Rule #8 – Keep the Grunting in the Bedroom

I was at a cross-fit gym the other day and I thought I walked into some kind of pig kennel with the amount of grunting going on. It’s not sexy in any way, and it doesn’t mean you’re a baddass, all it means is that you are in desperate need of attention. Shut the F up and put all your energy on the weight, you’re results will be better and people will admire you for that focus.

Rule #9 – Ask & You Shall Receive

We’ve all seen the funny youtube videos of people working out strangely because they didn’t have the courage to ask someone how to use that piece of equipment. Simple rule here, just ask staff at the gym, they’ll be happy to help you and not only will you save yourself from embarrassment but you’ll also spare what could be a pretty serious injury.

Gym Etiquette Conclusion

Master all these gym rules and you’re going to be revered, a hero in fact because people will know that you get it, that you’re a pro and they will want to emulate these same behaviors. Now it’s time for you to pass it on….