the master cleanse

The Master Cleanse

If you sit up right in your chair and pay special attention to this lesson you will have long lasting benefits which far outlast any diet cleanse.

Have I got your attention? Let’s go! The idea behind my master cleanse is to clean out your kitchen of all of the foods which are really your worst enemy when it comes to losing excess weight and building a lean and healthy body. This is actually something many of my clients have hired me to do, but I’m going to try and tell you all the things to watch out for so hopefully you can start yourself.

One quick note here. Some of you may say, “Well I don’t want to just throw out all that stuff, I will eventually use it one day and I’ve spent good money on it.” Get this thought out of your head right now. Are you willing to spend money on diet pills or other expensive health supplements? Well if you are then you are making the wrong move first because all that bud stuff in your kitchen is going to mess that all up.
I remember when I was younger and started seeing water bottles being first sold in vending machines and thinking, wow, strange how you would spend equivalent or more on water when you could just get it out of the tap! But then I started noticing that most tap water was tasting like it had so much chlorine added to it and some places were even saying that you need to let the water run for a few minutes before drinking it. Then I realized something. How come I was willing to spend money on a can of coke which was full of chemicals, artificial ingredients and sugar, but I wasn’t willing to spend that same amount of money on a bottle of water which was actually good for me and had no calories?

We have been brought up with a little backwards thinking haven’t we? Maybe big corporations have had a lot do with this, but I think we are all wiser now! So if you get anything out of this article I hope it’s at least just that. Next time you have a choice to buy something that is cheap and bad for you or something that is a little more expensive but healthy, use your buying power to support the healthy product. Just that one decision will make you happier with how you look so much you’ll remember why!

So let’s get back to the Master Cleanse of your kitchen. We’ll look at the 2 major culprits:


Let’s get rid of white rice, white bread, donuts, cookies, chips, crackers (ones made primarily with white flour and tons of other artificial ingredients), white sugar.

Let’s replace these with whole wheat bread, brown or multigrain rice, flaxseed wraps and bagels, unprocessed almonds/walnuts, and even trail mix (that doesn’t have chocolate or additives), raw sugar (not brown sugar).

Foods in boxes, cans, frozen dinners and ice cream

Let’s get rid of canned soups, fruits, tomatoes, boxed cereal with many additives (like sugar and colour), frozen pre-made dinners, pizzas, ice cream (especially low fat frozen yogurt which as tons of sugar instead).

Let’s replace these with fresh tomatoes and ingredients you can use to whip up a soup. Oatmeal and high fibre cereals (want to aim for 4grams/serving), lean meats (ground beef, chicken, fish) that you can freeze, and finally fruit or vanilla yogurt (extra points to get yogurt with no artificial sweeteners).

Now that wasn’t too hard was it? Do this and you have just saved yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars on health supplements like diet pills that are “supposed” to help you lose weight and get a leaner body. In reality this is the magic pill and a master cleanse of ridding your body of junk foods, artificial chemicals and preservatives. I guarantee that if you do this you will lose that junk weight and it will provide you with a lifetime of benefits.

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